What is the deal with CJ O'Grady?

This guy has NFL written all over him. He has a lot of talent, but seldom uses or shows it. Does he not want to play in the NFL? He was a force at times last year, like against Ole Miss…then he disappears like Claude Rains.

He’s a knucklehead.

I don’t think he’s a knuckelhead. I think he’s more of a shy Ann. Just doesn’t like showing his face that much. When he does though, look out. Has to be extremely frustrating for his coaches. He could be the difference in a couple of games going forward.

I would say he is a little bit of a knucklehead.

Obviously his dad Larry Marks passed away in 2000 when Cheyenne, formerly know as CJ, was just a couple years old so he didn’t have a dad figure and just has never really been a fully responsible young man.

He was not playing early this season because he was not going to class and missing practice - not a good combo.

He has been trying to work back in the good graces of the coaching staff and had a coming out part today.

I’m sure if he stays in those good graces he’ll hey plenty of targets.

He was my pick to lead the team in catches going into the season.

Considering Pettway leads now with 11, he still may be.

I asked Dre Greenlaw, who mentioned O’Grady in a tweet the Tuesday following the season opener telling him to get his act together, about that tweet and what a performance like today can do for Cheyenne. Dre said he’s seen O’Grady turn a corner the last few weeks.

Ty Storey and Rakeem Boyd also told me they’d like to see him more involved in the passing game. It may not be a bad idea. Jeremy Patton, the nation’s top JUCO tight end a couple years back, leads the team with three drops this year on just 10 targets. Austin Cantrell had one today, too. O’Grady’s got great hands and, as you saw today, some solid YAC ability.

My sidebar on him from today’s game: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … ss-aggies/