What is the deal on the floor at Greenville?

They just showed on one of the halftime shows repairs being made to the wood gym floor in Greenville. Was that between games or did they have to stop a game and do a quick repair? I have never seen this happen. Most arenas have a removable floor made up of big sections that can be taken up for a tractor pull, rodeo, or to make a hockey rink. They sometimes have problems at the joints but I have never seen one of those where a board breaks and drops down. It looked like they put some kind of quick setting concrete patch in the hole and sanded it down smooth. Once the games are over, they can take that panel out. If it is one of those where court markings are on it, they will be scrambling to blend in the new markings. Anyone know what the story is?

I finally googled it and found:

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://wspa.com/2017/03/17/crews-repair … reenville/”>http://wspa.com/2017/03/17/crews-repair-floor-between-games-at-ncaa-tournament-in-greenville/</LINK_TEXT>

NCAA issues statement on tournament site court repair

A court repair was needed in Greenville, a regional site for this year’s NCAA tournament. The NCAA sent the following statement to in regards to the issue at hand:

“During the first session of today’s NCAA tournament games in Greenville, a minor irregularity was discovered on one of the panels on the playing court. As is the case every year, our partners from Connor Sport Court are on site, and they quickly repaired the seam as soon as the North Carolina-Texas Southern game concluded. Once the repairs were made, players from Duke and Troy were given access to the court and each team had 46 minutes to warm up for tonight’s first game in the second session from Greenville. The safety of the student-athletes remain our top priority.”

The floor had a board pop up! They used a chisel and sander to smooth it out!