What is the best

best we can do and just make the Dance?

BTW IMO Joe being out this not its a 100% he ain’t showing up.

Cannot imagine that we have much change of making the Dance. We don’t have much chance of getting to .500 in the SEC.

Forget about 9-9 in conference play that won’t happen! Last part of the year we have guards that can’t take care of the ball late in game and run the offense. Our hogs are done as far as the dance goes! poor point guard play
By Harris confirms that. The hope went out the door early today and the hogs rallied only to choke late game by fouling and turning the pumpkin over!
Mistake after mistake all day long!

If you’re asking what is the worst record we can have and make the tourney I’d say we need to go 9-9 in conference and probably win a game in SECT. If we go 8-10 probably need to make it to SECT championship. Otherwise need to win the SECT.

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