What is significant about today?

A lot of movement in the portal. Going in and signing. Those guys posted for Tide players is a lot to our 2 so far.Maybe I’m not up to speed on the numbers.

Also how long does the portal game last? I’m sure there is a timetable on this. Are a lot of really good kids looking at their options and talking to their circle of friends, parents, etc.

Am I expecting to much to quick, and need to wait and not just sit at the computer thinking the roster will be full tonight?

Thoughts, names we know about recruiting etc. And a new contract also.

Speaking of that IMO Muss should jump whole heard of coaches in the SEC? The next group is less than 4-5 hundred thousand. Would make a huge change. Not sure where that chart is but that’s my first thoughts about that subject. JUST like the post after it was poster it seemed he thought Muss was a low ball figure

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