What is Robert Moore walkup song

Matthew West is a neighbor who walks up to my dog and I have no idea what song to ask him about, but I know that Robert picked one of his songs. His daughter will be his equal or better as a vocalist. Have no clue what Robert would choose in Christian music to walk up and pump our crowd.

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His walk-up song is called Hello, My Name Is by Matthew West. I see Robert at church pretty regularly.


I knew his Christian basis and it is evident on his twitter. I’m not sure Matthew knows him, but he will next time he stops by to visit my dog Jackie.

Robert changed his walk-up song when he was slumping earlier this year. It was a song by Third Day to begin the year.

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Here are all the Sounds of Baum walk up songs for each player.


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I love that Kopps’ song is “Paint it Black.” Perfect!

Kopps changed his walk-out song early in the year. It’s now “Heat Wave” by Glass Animals.

I can’t complain about anything Kopps is doing this year.

Somebody needs to keep The Stones in the mix!

When the whip comes down
All down the line… uh, no
Jumpin Jack Flash
You Can’t Always Get What You Want
Bitch (oops, sorry)
Can’t You Hear Me Knockin

Lot’s of I’m about end this choices!

Sorry, I’m a major Stones fan. COVID cost me 2 shows last May. WPS!

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I love that song and Matthew West is one of my favorite CCM artists. Just one more reason to appreiciate Big Hit Bob.

I love The Stones too. Just between you and me, I wish Kevin was still coming out with “Paint it Black,” but I can’t fault anything he’s done this year. I don’t care if he comes out with “Mary Had a Little Lamb” as long as he keeps blowing these jokers away. Go Hogs!

He’d never do it, because he seems too humble. But this should be Kopps’s walkout song:

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