What is penalty if team knowingly plays infected player?

Curious who oversees this process.

Is this the honor system?


If word gets out that a school did that the public relations and recruiting hit would be horrendous. People outside the SEC already think we’re putting football ahead of health (which is basically true).

Team physicians determine who can and cannot play, based on testing results. According to the SEC’s covid-19 rules, the doctors are to have “unchallengeable autonomous authority” over when a player can return.

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That’s actually really reassuring.

Team physicians working for the team.

I was hopeful there was some independent oversight


As a doc, no way these team docs aren’t covering their backsides to prevent a lawsuit for these athletes, especially with Covid being so novel and all the information pointing to possible long term cardiovascular and pulmonary complications. You don’t want a long term problem with a kid hung around your neck bc you allowed him to return to competition and practice early.

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Very valid points for sure. Thanks.

I have mistakenly thought some form of outside oversight of programs by SEC or NCAA.

I would not think anyone wants to be around a positive infected player. Coaches don’t. The obvious penalty is you are probably going to get sick and infect more.

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I agree. Doctors aren’t going to mess around with this. Any doctor who is callous & unscrupulous enough to do so is not likely to be a team doctor for an SEC team.

Doctors lie too. Believe what you want.

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