What is OK States Secret?

They only have 27 players on their roster from Oklahoma, yet they recruit out of state good enough to be a top 10 team. Is Stillwater that much more attractive? Any insight? Thanks.

Big 12. They play in the fifth best Power Five conference.

Agree with Richard, but would add that I believe that they benefit from long term stability with a coach who has a somewhat unique and well established system that seems to always produce one of the top offenses in college football. Gundy may not win many recruiting battles against the traditional football powerhouses, but he seems to be a great at evaluating talent and recruiting players that are a perfect fit to his system.

Basically they know they’re not going to beat OU for anybody good in state and they don’t really try. They treat Texas as their home state. I may have lost count but I think I counted 50 Texas kids on their roster, along with two Arkansas kids. It’s a four-hour drive from Dallas to Stillwater, pretty easy for kids and parents.

Agree. Stability and being able to evaluate talent is huge for programs like Arkansas, Oklahoma State, Colorado, Nebraska and others.

They don’t recruit any better stars than UA, and often (if not always) are behind UA in the national rankings. They evaluate very well. They are not spread out across the country recruiting. OK, TX and the occasional, if not odd, reaches out-of-the-territory (they have hit GA for a couple of recruits, go figure).

Several games a year in TX. They get a couple of weak sisters every year so they can easily go bowling. They dedicate a lot of their star-power recruiting to offensive skill players, at the expense of defense.

But, a charismatic HC and a decade of sustained success is the best answer. As noted, being in the weakest power 5 conference helps.

The mullet of course.

We’d have better luck if we brought back slobber hawg.

Put Okie State in the SEC West and they would stack up tight under our hogs. Or put us in the almost dead Big 12 and we could take thier spot.