What is O game plan for Bama and other strong D’s?

I assume with state of line play, while you always want to be able to establish run, you know you can’t out physical most D’s this year.

Do you take shot gun and attempt mis direction sweeps or counters I wonder? Short passing game on normal rush downs to try and play in more open space?

I assume you have to do more shot gun to give a few steps relief from immediate rush.

Bama and others know this so I would guess their corners play close for short game passes.

Seems a tough dynamic for Enos and I feel for him having to create a chance with our current O line dynamic.

Exactly why these spread teams really spread the field. We seem to always be bunched up towards the middle. Spreading the field seems to me that it might actually create more running lanes for the backs.
some of these spread teams put receivers on both sides of the ball close to the sidelines. Then with one or two slot receivers, seems its harder to jam them since they have a yard or so head start. We on the other hand have at least 2 tight ends in the game at all times and for the most part they have been ineffective blocking the run. Also have seen holding penalties from the tight ends this year. At least they used to split out Hunter Henry. Only team that has had any kind of sustained success against Bama was Ole Miss and they are a spread team, up until this year. I wish they would try something. Last year or the year before, we opened the game against Bama with 4 or 5 wideouts, threw a pass for a first down on our first offensive play of the game, and never once used that formation again the rest of the game. head scratching for sure. I don’t think we have the talent to play bruiser ball. And probably will never have the overall talent of Bama, Auburn, LSU, or A and M…

Good post. I remember coming out with that formation and thinking very creative to keep them off balance.

Take a knee for 3 plays and then punt. Send the defense out for 1 play to get runover for a bama score. Then, watch the kickoff go deep in the endzone and wonder why our kicker cannot do that. Knee 3 times, and punt. Then call Sabin and tell him we are going home before any more of our boys get killed by their men.

That’s funny take 3 snaps and take a knee and punt!
That would probably look better.
Don’t forget last year we gift wrapped Bama 21 points on turnover. Or it may have been 28. We did score and move the ball!
I would play the biggest and most powerful of the O lineman and use 2 TE’s to block and everything quick passes. If you run the jet sweeps call for an ambulance Bama will bust it up bad!
I have zero thought of this team playing hard with any heart at all.
They are still playing like they did to end last year!

A betta plan. Take a knee twice. Then pooch kick. May have a shot at most punting yards in a game. Uncommon!!

Against South Carolina, they came out on one possession in 4 wideouts an d proceeded to start to run an option play before the play was blown dead by a S.C. timeout. Didn’t go back to that after the timeout because, I assume, the surprise was gone. But apparently they have something in the arsenal whether they use it or not. And I’m not saying it will work (or anything will work) against Bama.

Alabama’s defense has been most susceptible against passing offenses, including last year against Arkansas when Allen threw for 400 yards. I suspect Arkansas will throw the ball a lot.

I suspect Bama will take away the run game and force AA to stand in there to earn every passing yard this year. Saban still has a bone in his craw from the 400 yards last year. Didn’t work so well for when Ole Miss tried it this year either.

based on last week that’s about all the punter could do anyway…no length

Arkansas punter Blake Johnson

21 punts, 39.7 yard average

5 punts inside the 20 and 3 of over 50 yards

Arkansas has allowed 2 punt returns for 19 yards


22 punts, 39.4 average

Arkansas 1 punt return for 2 yards

So out of five Arkansas games, there have been 3 of 43 punts returned between the teams

That’s just nuts