What is not Acceptable in 2019?

I’ve been clear that I believe what Morris inherited is akin to a program on probation - not the scholarship restrictions, but from an overall talent standpoint.

All of that said, in my view Morris should be given a long leash to try his dead level best to turn this thing around - won’t be easy.

There are a couple of things, though, that would give me considerable pause if they happen:

  1. Losing any of the non-conference games - this is the weakest slate of non conference games I can ever remember. One FCS team and three teams picked at or near the bottom of their G5 conferences. A repeat of N Texas or another loss to CSU are inexcusable.

  2. Can’t go winless in the SEC Again - It won’t be easy, but the Hogs have to find a way to win one or preferably two in the league - just have to get it done. The opposition will just wear us out on the recruiting trail if this is 4-8 football team and 1-23 in the SEC over a 3 year period. The talent gap will not be wide against Ole Miss and Kentucky and manageable against MSU and Missouri. A win or two should be expected and I think three could happen.

I agree wholeheartedly with your post, Jackson. We will be patient, but we can’t lose a non-conference game, and we must win at least one conference game. Coach Morris appears to be getting things in order for this program, but I was not impressed with the game day coaching last year. A great coach would have found a way to win at Colorado State and in Little Rock against Mississippi. I still have confidence in Coach Morris, primarily due to his recruiting success, but he has to show us he can manage a game, too.

We just need some type of success or some good things to happen this season and things will be fun again. It has been pretty bleak the past few seasons. It is hard to believe we are where we are, but we are.

By not acceptable I assume you mean what would get him either fired on a seriously hot seat.

I agree with your assessment of what would be unacceptable but I think he’s going to have at least 4 years unless it becomes bad in an epic way. Can’t hire / fire coaches every couple of years and expect to build the program back.

If he continues to recruit well, and this year is still in question, and still doesn’t win games then that would be a problem but even then I think he has a minimum of 4 years.

I believe he can coach and last year was an anomaly due to player talent and issues.

I really want to believe that…

I don’t think get him fired or even an immediate hot seat… but …I have a hard time believing he’ll be able to recover or ultimately succeed if scenario 1, 2, or God forbid both occur.

I do think our QB talent in 2018 was as poor as I can remember since Pete Burks was the starter in 1996. Robby Hampton in 2000 was not great either but he would have easily started last season. If you don’t have a QB you are dead. Really expecting a huge jump with either Hicks or Starkel.

I did not see the QB position being what killed us last year. The line of scrimmage killed us. And the secondary added some ill effects. Actually noting went well but QB was not the big problem.

I don’t see anywhere reason that Arkansas should loses any of its non-con games and should at least win 1 in the SEC.

But if you lose to say Western Kentucky and beat Ole Miss and Texas A&M , I think that would be okay.

The big thing to me would be showing improvement as the years goes along.

Agree… while not strong at QB the line was porous, the defensive secondary was a real disappointment and it was clear that some guys were just walking through the games. I was disappointed in our receivers as well last year…not all of them but as a group under performed.

Agree on the above but QB was also poor IMO

Not acceptable and being fired at the end of the season:

  1. A repeat of the 2018 season.
  2. 3-9 or worse with another 0-8 SEC season
  3. A disastrous end to the season, ie: losing 90-6 in the last 2 games like 2018.

Not acceptable, but just hot seat for 3rd year:

  1. 4-8, with an 0-8 SEC season, but closer games and improvement in the SEC games.
  2. 5-7, with a 1-7 SEC season, but another swoon at the end of the season.

I pretty much agree with the OP. For me, must absolutely must beat CSU in Fayetteville. If that does not happen, I am done. The best chance for an SEC win comes the second game. MSU will be down I think, but we are so thin I wonder what we will have playing by late in the season.

Must be competitive in those last two games. It would be great to win that last one going into the off season.

Need to show some resistance in all games.

7-5 would be a Grand Slam, 6-6 would be great, 5-7 is expected right now & certainly no worse than 4-8.

The line of scrimmage last year was down right embarrassing. It’s hard to blame the QB when he’s running for his life all the time. I really think last year was all about many of the holdovers not buying in. They wanted the reggae and flip flops. I’ve never witnessed practice. But I have seen two HS camps on the Hill. One by CBB and one by CCN. CBB walked around and laughed and wasn’t really that involved. CCN was into the details and working his ars off. I don’t know if that equates to wins in the SEC or not but the devil is always in the details. If this groups has bought in, then I think we have a positive year. If they haven’t, it will be obvious. Any leader’s #1 responsibility is getting buy in.

I think he’d be ok with a 1-11, if the 1 was Bama.

I’m not sure what to expect this coming season. I do chuckle a bit when someone decides it’s time to decide what is acceptable. That’s what is going on here. Fine. That’s what people do. But if you can tell right now what this team is going to do next year, good on you. Because I can’t.

Chuckling is fine, but people have sat through mediocre to pathetic football for the better part seven years and as a result patience is thin. All of the people in the upper decks disguised as bleachers bears this out.

For those still buying tickets giving hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars for the opportunity just to buy those tickets means people will logically establish a level of performance they believe is acceptable. Now it will be different depending on the person which is why I started this thread - to see what the mood of the fanbase is.

I knew exactly why you started the thread. I’ve seen you do it for a long time. I don’t question why you do it. It still can make me chuckle. Not in a bad way. I chuckle when I catch a fish sometimes. Some things entertain me that might not someone else. And you may not understand what makes that happen for some or what it means to them. You probably took that in a way that wasn’t meant. That’s ok.

Making Ty Storey look like John Elway in his prime will not be acceptable.