What is Muss looking for?

Obviously, there is an embarrassment of riches in the portal, and there always is…although this may be the last year of unrestricted free agency in college ball? Who knows?

That said, who is Muss targeting the hardest? I actually enjoy this recruiting season more than I do HS recruiting.
McDonald’s AA’s don’t win championships anymore, and they haven’t for awhile.

Is Muss gonna kick the tires on Ware again? Is it even worth it?

We ALL know he needs some snipers, and so does he. Looks like he is targeting some very good ones.

My main question, considering the fact that this might be the last year an undergraduate can transfer without penalty, is who is he trying to keep off THIS year’s team?
We had a pretty nice team.

Doesn’t he eventually have to coach up the guys HE recruited and stop turning the roster over every year?

The teams left in the Final Four this year have older “dudes.”
It would sure be nice if we could keep a few guys around for at least 2 years.
We all love Devo, and feel like we know him. He is a “dude.”
Is he the last guy to play for Muss for at least 3 years?
I sure hope not.

Gonna be interesting to see what Muss does, but you have to think he knows that he needs a few more “dudes” to win a natty. The kids just don’t get it done anymore, and they haven’t for several years.

Go Hogs!

One last thing…Ron Holland is not leaving Texas.

I think he’s going to find him someone who is a an enforcer inside that can score effectively.we have Fall coming in who can really provide the defense and I think some occasional offense but we need a Sonogo

Outside of that I think he’s going to bring him three or four snipers… I think the days are going to be gone of us not being able to attack from the perimeter and at the same time take the ball strong to the basket.

He saw how valuable offense is this year I think he will start looking for more of those type people and do his best to instill the defensive instincts that we play with but I pretty much guarantee you we’re going to be able to shoot the ball from the outside from now on probably. I could tell he was so pissed off that we could not do that but he recruited them and I think he may have learned his lesson.

Muss will always be huge in the transfer portal so we will always have a fairly new roster but I don’t think he will be going so much for the one and dones as much anymore


As of yesterday these are the ones the staff is on the hardest per Jackson colliers source and he’s really into all this transfer portal stuff…

BJ Mack. 6’8 245 …16…80% FT …33%…3

Quincy olivari. 6’2 190. 18…79%. 36%

John Tonge. 6’5 180 14.3. …81%. 37.8

Mike Mitchell 6’2 185.11.4…76%. …44%

Khalif battle. 6’5 200…17.9…89…35

Freddie Hick 6’6 210…16…75…34

Graham Ike 6’9 245…17.3…71…25

Reese Dixon Waters.6’5 210.9.8…77…29

And I can go ahead and add Caleb Love because I know where they’ve contacted
him …
Caleb Love6’4 195.16…76…29.9.

I would take Olivari,Tonge and Khalif Battle in a heartbeat… BJ Mack is a below the rim player who is a baller definitely wouldn’t mind having him either.

Big Man Mack is a load inside and step out a stroke the 3!!

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100% agree. Today sealed it

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised


Anxious to know what’s CEM’s roster strategy is going to be going forward. What if any adjustments will he make from seasons past?
I have the impression without any objective stats, that teams with older players who can shoot well is the ticket to the Final Four. Of course, play defense.
UA…Campus of Champions

Make sure you check out the ones we are currently on the most per the source of someone who follows the transfer portal very closely and their averages this year that I just posted

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If you look at Miami’s roster they are a team of 22-23 year olds. They are men as compared to our 18-19 year old roster. Something to be said for age and experience.

It’s almost better to have a 3 star with maturity and experience than a 5 star with none.

I suspect that Muss will go back to his experience over talent style.


Wow, that’s an amazing post. Didn’t realize this age difference. Hopefully Muss can put together a nice blend.

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He will. He wants very much to be playing on the last Monday, and now he definitely knows kids aren’t the answer.
Ain’t gonna fool him twice.

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That was exactly the need a year go after getting manhandled by Duke’s Mike Williams. And Muss thiught he had fixed that with the Twins, Brazile and Graham. Looks like he needs to go a level higher.

The next level guys are not plentiful and whatever number there are, Muss will have to compete with many schools. Watching the NCAA tournament, it is obvious many teams are lacking that enforcer.

You don’t need to suspect, Muss has already said he is not getting more than a few high school freshmen. Rest comes from portal, which by definition means experience and older.

However what I cannot see Muss do is sign a Michael Qualls or a Mason Jones out of high school and develop them into experienced 22/23 year olds.

BTW, any idea how many of those Miami 22/23 year olds actually started their careers at Miami? For example Kansas State has an older roster, but not a single player started his career at KSU.

It’s a mixed bag for Miami. They’ve been fortunate to keep Wong for four years, and he’s been a double digit scorer three of those years-not quite good enough to risk the NBA after years two and three, but a very productive scorer who of course has been great this year.

Jordan Miller played three seasons at George Mason. Nigel Pack played two years at Kansas State. Norchad Ormier played two years at Arkansas State . That’s three heavy contributors who are transfers.

The rest of their top eight all have been at Miami the whole time.


Pleasantly surprised about what, baked?

Who he’s reached out to and who is actually interested


Jeremy I’m very surprised they offered Hunter from UCA. When UCA played a little up in competition they got killed often. Going from UCA to the SEC is a big jump for a guy that doesn’t shoot the three very well.

I really don’t see Muss going after Ware. If he didn’t like Altman he sure wouldn’t like the way Muss would push him. He could be so good but lots of big kids just don’t have the motor needed to play at a high level. I think he fits well at a mid-major with a players coach.

We have to find some shooters that can also play defense and when Pinion is in the game we are going to have to play great help defense. That’s if Pinion doesn’t transfer or get better on defense.

My X factor is Ford. Ford is a little shorter than Devo but he seems to have some of the same instincts Devo has. He gets very low on defense and he isn’t scared slashing to the rim. If he stays around I think he could turn out to be very good for us. His biggest drawback is his jump shot. He will need to stay in the gym all summer and improve on that.

Lastly we need big dudes that when they get the ball they are a threat to score. No more throw it inside and they throw it right back. You have to be a threat.

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Looked up what Hunter did against higher-level competition last year:

At Wichita State, led them in scoring with 16 but was 1 of 6 from deep to do it.

At OU, again led them with 18, 2 of 7 from deep. Had 7 rebounds but also 7 turnovers.

At TCU, 8 points, 4 dimes, 4 turnovers.

At ORU, 19 points, 3 of 5 from deep, 5 rebounds, 5 steals. Three of the steals were picking Isaac McBride’s pocket.

Basically UCA sucked this season (9-22). They didn’t even make their conference tournament.

UCA has been bad in basketball for many years. Why in the world they play D1 basketball is beyond me. I would assume it has something to do with money.

If I was UCA I would live in the transfer portal. That being said I just don’t see Cam helping us.

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UCA moved up to FCS football in 2007. Basketball came along for the D-I ride. They’ve won five conference titles in 16 years in football, so at least decently competitive in not-so-great leagues.

Ware is going to a school that has a coach that whispers and very low key.