What is left to play for?

First, allow me to say I am incredibly disappointed in the loss. And I am very proud of the offense in general, and in KJ Jefferson in particular. More on all that in a post later this week.

Yesterday I posted that today was not a “must win” game…but that I felt like it was much more important that we at least split between Ole Miss and Auburn. While I sure wish we had won today…and only a healthy dose of Southern Tier Pumpking Beer has numbed my pain…I still feel that way. It doesn’t mean today’s game was not important. It WAS. We could have been 5-1, back in the top 10, and still the nation’s darling. But it didn’t happen. So what now?

Namely, I think this team has a VERY good shot at winning 10 games total (including a bowl win). And to me THAT would be an UNBELIEVABLE season. Why? Well, because we have only won 10 games THREE TIMES in the last 30 years. Go look it up. Petrino did it twice, and Houston once. No one else has. Once good ole Kenny Hatfleid headed for Clemson, we only reached that double digit win total 3 times. That’s 10% of the seasons since 1989.

Think winning 10 is unlikely (and I just showed that it has been very difficult indeed!)? How bout we the FANS prepare to jump for joy if we just win NINE. Because we have only done THAT 6 times in the last 30 years. Again…since Hatfield left, we only win 9 games in a season–counting the bowl–1 in 5 seasons. 6 times total. In 30 seasons. Worse than I remembered!

So…allow me to go ahead and make a prediction. I am going out on a limb, and I’ll say the last regular season game we are gonna lose is to Bama. That makes us 9-3. Then we go to a bowl, and depending on whom we play, we will have a chance to reach that 10 game goal.

If we do THAT…surely only the very most cynical among Hog fans won’t stick their chests out with pride and point to this year as THE YEAR that Hog football once again became what many of us took for granted in our youth. Aka excellent. Or at least very good.

So, while I am really bummed that our 2-pt conversion didn’t work…I am going to get over this loss, spend time with my wife and daughter, love life each day this week and THEN, next Saturday, I am going to watch the Hogs EXACT REVENGE upon the team in the west I loath second most (next to the Aggies): AUBURN. We owe them. We all know why. Beat them, and we will go into the Miss State home game 6-2. Yes, 7-1 would have been better. But that is gone. 6-2 still sets us up to win 10. And winning 10 in season 2 would make Sam Pittman a true hero. And deservedly so.

Its a tall order. LSU in Tiger stadium will be tough even if Chad Morris replaces O! But I am predicting it.

So…yes…in order to win 10 games…next week is a “must win.” There.


Yes, losing today means next week’s game is now very important. I held out hope we could go 10-2. Now 9-3 is the best realistic hope. Got to beat Auburn to have a shot at that. Nix isn’t Corral, but he can be very dangerous.

Speaking of Corral, did he have any teammates? I don’t remember the TV mentioning any.


Speaking of Corral, did he have any teammates? I don’t remember the TV mentioning any.

With you on that. Quite the lovefest for Corral today.

Jefferson outplayed Corral. Corral was good, but Jefferson was better. Jefferson kept us in the game and gave us a chance to win at the end. Jefferson will be a national star next year.


No kidding…the sustained pundit arousal regarding Corral is curious.

Corral was the best player on the field today from my observation. Doubt he would have missed the slant that was worth 7 and momentum instead fo settling for 3. Just that kind of game. Both QB’s were best for their respective teams plus Om had the RB’s who took it to the house and we pounded. Best game ever for KJ and probably will ever be, but Corral was the most unstoppable.

Well, rayza-ii, I have to respectfully disagree with observation. Much of Corral”s yardage was on plays where the receivers were wide open due mostly to our defensive errors. Hitting wide open receivers for touchdowns , although it pads the yards and TD statistics, is not what I call Heisman material.

I thought the best player on the field today was Treylon Burks!

Corral was good, but I though Jefferson played better. He missed a couple of passes, but overall I thought his performance was remarkable.

Since most folks on the board thought 7-5 would be a good season, I’d say we have a lot to play for. If you had told me we could be bowl eligible heading into November a couple of months ago I’d have been pretty happy.

And… it’s beginning to look like there is a very realistic chance of having a good November.

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