What is keeping Jarrod Barnes off the field?

Is he playing special teams, and if so, in what capacity? Watching him play QB and basketball in high school, most thought that he possessed plenty of speed and athleticism.Those are qualities that this team desperately needs. Did our eyes deceive us or is there something else going on?

He played only about two snaps last year in the opening game and couldn’t take a redshirt. He doesnt really have any experience at WR so I’m sure they are redshirting him. He’s one you may keep an eye on to transfer, though that’s complete conjecture on my part.

They are redshirting him from what I’ve been told.

Jarrod had two receptions in the opening game last season. I remember asking where he was after that, and was told the coaches expected to get a red shirt for him if he did not play in anymore games. Was this just a bad miscalculation by the previous staff? It seems a waste that we are not able to use him on special teams this year. Do the current coaches think he has legitimate SEC ability?