What is JL course of action?


If you were JL, what would be your recommended course of action to replace CBB? So many variables at play when you think about it.

  • Do you fire CBB?
  • Will CBB waive the buyout in a negotiated settlement?
  • When do you start the process? Before/ after the last game?
  • Do you have sufficient $$ for a full buyout?
  • Do you have sufficient $$ for a buyout of CBB’s replacement if he is currently tied to a buyout?
  • What are you looking for in a new HC?
    – HC experience?
    – SEC experience?
    – Outstanding recruiter?
    – Reputation?
    – Defensive or offensive minded?
    – Has great success in recruiting Texas and surrounding states?
    – What about the current assistant coaches? Do any of them have a two-year contract? If yes, what do you do?
    – Do you select the HC with anyone’s approval? Or does this become another selection board (HDN) process again?
    When you think about it, it is not as easy as just firing and hiring a new football HC. Considering the impact of the football program on finances, graduation rate, overall student athlete GPA, etc…the hiring/ selection of the football HC is the single most important decision for a Power 5 AD.

WOW! The best and most Intelligence reply thats been on the board…Thank you Aloha from Hi.

Great post, insightful!! WPS

If, as most seem to expect, CBB is finished at end of season, it would not surprise me if contacts had already been made through intermediaries and some level of understanding reached with a potential new coach.