What is it with weather at Baum/Walker

Wednesday high about 50 so that’s fine. Friday a little warmer, but Saturday high 35 and Sunday 29! That is not baseball weather! Ugh!

Nope! The weather stinks a little this time of year! I can’t wait for the warm up to take place.

It’s the winter.

Ya know Matt, if sports reporting doesn’t work out for you, you might have a future as a weatherman! :lol:

God obviously switched his alliance with the Hogs to another school.

The weather in Fayetteville has always been cold, windy when compared to central and south Arkansas. It is a mountain climate and we are 200 or so miles north of Little Rock and 250 from Pine Bluff.

We are always about 30 days later in getting green grass and full blown green leaves on the trees compared to central and south arkansas. In Pine Bluff, we played golf all year round except for the really bad and cold days. You can’t do that up here.

When I was in college and I would drive home to Fort Smith for Easter every year, and I would love turning on I-40 because the scenery changed dramatically. Instead of dead leaves and grass, trees were in bloom and grass was turning green. You are right. It typically would take another few weeks for it to reach Fayetteville.

God gave us DVH so it’s a blessing despite the weather. By the way coach is a pretty good weather himself!

Ironically, for a brief period in my life I considered going to meteorology school at the University of Oklahoma.

Ha! Believe it or not that makes two of us, seriously. I even thought about going back before I started my master’s in econ. My brother lived in Norman at the time and wanted me to move out there with him, but then I met a girl in Fayetteville and decided to stay put.

Were you on Bo’s show last summer in Omaha when they were doing all of their weather reporting? They made quite a shtick out of it.

Hey, that makes me wonder, have you ever thought about doing a piece on how the baseball coaches track the weather and decide to play or not? I know I’ve heard people talk about how DVH is a bit of a weather buff himself. Do they just use the weather channel app like the rest of us?

Yeah, that was me on Bo’s show last summer. I geek out a little on the weather. My wife can tell stories.

I know Van Horn and Clay Goodwin, the director of baseball operations, monitor the weather closely. Kevin Trainor also is involved as the sport administrator. They stay in contact with the National Weather Service to help plan around bad stuff. I figure they are having conversations now leading up to the weekend. It might be a fun story to monitor some weekend. Thanks for the idea.

We don’t need to know anything about meteors for baseball. We need somebody who understands the weather. What are you people thinking? :smiley: