What is Isiah Nichols current weight.......................

…if he was 275 last fall in High School, what does he weigh now after a spring and part of the summer in the Hog weight program? Is that something they make available for public knowledge?

I do not know what he currently weighs, but I do know from talking with his high school coach, Zak Clark, that Arkansas’ staff wanted to add quite a bit of weight to his frame. Good weight, as he called it. The coaches were pretty clear on that early on. Isaiah played DE and DT in high school. I think tackle will be his position at Arkansas, so the added weight/strength should be a big plus.

Remember Jamaal Anderson? Good big receiver grew into an All-SEC defensive end. I keep hoping that Jamario Bell or Isiah Nichols or Austin Capps, etc. will be the next J.J. Watt and grow into a great defensive lineman. I know those are few and far between but that appears to be our best shot at elite defensive linemen. We just don’t recruit players like Agim often enough to compete well in the SEC.

Not sure about turning into the next JJ Watt, but for me, Jamario Bell is an intriguing guy entering fall camp. He’s always had the look. He’s a physical freak. Perhaps John Chavis turning him loose on the edge and allowing his instincts to take over will pay off. If I was to be asked who could be a pleasant surprise on the defensive line, Bell would be my guy.

Caldwell is a great defensive end coach. He recruited and trained the best batch of defensive ends ever at Arkansas when he was here before. Maybe he can get that talented young man’s attention and help him make a lot of money someday in the pros.

It would not be a great surprise to see it happen. Call it the JA-strain.
We have a defensive staff that knows we have to attack. In cobra fashion, ready
to strike at the most opportune moment.