what is going on with the camera today

they have missed 4-5 balls where we had no clue what happened

This is what you get with students doing the production work, and that’s most of the non-conference games (that aren’t on ESPN or the SEC Network).

On the other hand, after seeing what passes for a TV game presentation from USC, I won’t complain too much.

we don’t see much of that at all on ours but today they were several times where the ball wasn’t followed.

It’s been a while since we’ve had good weather maybe they were thinking about spring break!

Basically, the issue Saturday - as it was in several areas - was the wind. I’ve operated those kind of cameras before. You cannot lock them down during a game and most of them are located in elevated positions, so the wind becomes a very real issue. One of the camera operators remarked he felt like he was holding onto a bucking horse for three hours.

Go watch an outdoor game that is televised at Texas Tech or Wyoming and you’ll see the same issues. The sustained wind in those places adds an element of difficulty to the production of the broadcasts. It is windy in Fayetteville, but not like those places. I actually remarked when I got into the stadium Saturday that I felt like I was watching a game in Lubbock because of the sun/wind combo.

When Kjerstad came to the plate in the first inning and dirt was swirling all around him I said I bet he feels like he is playing back in Amarillo. He must have thought so too with 3 hits on the day.

The wind is probably going to be an issue again for tomorrow’s game(s).