What is going on with our OL recruting??

we have all kinds of guys who are in the NFL and yet we continue to not get top ranked OL in here(I’m talking about Now)We lose Mcbride to Tenn today and we offer guys who barely have any offers…I don’t get it!!!We have our history of getting guys in the league and with all we lose this yr. almost immediate playing time in the SEC West…we should have to turn guys down…Love everything else we are doing but what is going on Here!!

McBride did not play in the first game. Likely won’t this season.

I understand that but can’t understand why we don’t have Top ranked OL at our doorstep with our history of OL in NFL and immediate playing time in the best conference in the nation!..makes no sense.

Arkansas does have a good history of OL in the NFL. But these coaches were not responsible for those, and I’m not pooh-poohing these coaches. When they start producing NFL OL (and Froholdt should be their first Arkansas NFLer) then that should help. But I also wouldn’t count them out on OL recruiting this year just yet.

I’m not sure Fry should get credit for Froholdt, just as Bielema shouldn’t for Swanson.

Every since we lost our o line coach to Georgia our o line play and recruiting has taken a turn for the worst haven’t had a proven o line coach since

I agree, but you know as well as I do that most coaches would take credit for it because it comes under their watch.

thats true I am not sure how well SMU put guys in the league.I think we are finding out not many high caliber OL are interested b/c we are not hearing of any 4* other than Wilikins we have offered that are visiting and that may very well sink his ship B/c in this league you better get some stud OL in here .I am seeing us offer guys with hardly any offers…

I feel comfortable in saying Arkansas finished second with Roberson and Miller. I know that doesn’t matter right now, but in the future you will see Arkansas landing guys like them instead of coming in second.

Miller was all set to commit, but to NCST’s credit they were able to delay that and land him. It’s not like they don’t have any guys on the line committed. I believe Limmer will be a stud. I love the kid. I think Stone has a high ceiling.

We’ve “loved” all of our OL commits over the years, unfortunately, most haven’t planned out as well as projected. Injuries, retirements, and lack of development have placed us in the position to have to rely on freshmen, much less redshirt freshmen who will potentially start.

Not sure I said I loved them all. Anytime a kid signs with a DI school, there’s a lot to like because they have to be talented enough to get offers.

Not a very impressive first true recruiting cycle for Fry. Close doesn’t count, have to get some studs on the OL if you want to win.

Every position coach at Arkansas has lost high profile kids to other schools. Fry has two commitments before the start of the season and signing days are in Dec and Feb.

Arkansas got on Limmer early and sealed the deal. OU, A&M and others have been trying to change his mind, but he’s all Hog.

Stone’s former coach Caleb Perry believes he has NFL ability if he does what he should do over the next few years.

this flurry of stud recruits that CCM has parading through campus and the flurry of commits has spoiled us before he even coaches one game!

When’s the last time we had 2 stud OL commits in the summer, and most of our posters are upset about it/worried about it?!? Usually we’re scrambling in January to keep/find recruits, so I think we are ahead of schedule overall.

If we start winning some games and our offense is as fun as we all hope it will be, that could change some minds.

I’m not cracking on you, jrjdent, because I’ve had the same feeling, it’s just human nature, but man we are so spoiled so fast lol


At this point they should just concentrate on trying to ensure that both Logan Kallesen and Drew Vest come on as preferred walk ons…the more warm bodies the better

I really Like Limmer! I think Winkel will be very good too.

I agree and I also hang on a statement by CCM that you over sign DLineman because those that don’t make it can be moved to Oline.

I agree with you about the spoiling.

I don’t however fully agree about two studs. I like Limmer, I think he probably has good potential when he adds weight. It’s nice to see OU and A&M going after him. Stone, has a good frame, needs to lose weight, but his offer list doesn’t just blow you away.

OL you need no question studs to win in the SEC, we all agree on that. It’s more guys like Ragnow, Froholdt. OL are about as hit or miss as any position, we’ve had highly recruited guys that have been awful and lowly recruited guys that have been good. So evaluating is hard. But when you are missing on recruit after recruit, it’s concerning.

They lost out on Triston Miller, Trevor Roberson and Jack Buford. McBride doesn’t count, but that will be revealed at some point.

Like you said some high profile guys haven’t panned out while lightly recruited guys have. It’s an educated guess.

Travis Swanson is a prime example. http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … ed-his-nu/

Well, I’d rather be taking the educated guess that Bama and Georgia uses, it seems to work better.