What is going on with Arlando Cook?


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This is the worst possible thing that could have happened to him. He was likely on the outside looking in as far as being in the rotation, he was going to have to have a great off-season to even be in the mix for playing time. Now, he’s for sure going to be on the outside of the rotation.

I hope this doesn’t define his career and he gets kicked off the team, with this being his second time arrested it wouldn’t be surprising if CMA just cut ties with him all together. I hope he didn’t do anything that serious, and this ends up only getting him suspended a couple of games.

Also another thing about this is we got a recruit with his family on this visit. I’m not a numbers guy, but I bet the percentage of a recruit committing the same weekend one of the players got arrested in pretty low. It’s a really bad look, I can imagine it’s a cringe worthy situation for the staff trying to convince the parents the kid will be in good hands with them and then they gotta bail one of their players out of jail, for the second time in 2 years.

You have to own decisions you make. CMA will disciple Cook and the punishment will fit the circumstance. Standards of conduct on and off the BB court are the face of your program. D Williams is one that comes to mind. Let’s wait and see what Coach does and I for one support what ever decision he makes.

''This is just part of being a coach. The public does not have access to all the things, outside of the sport itself, that coaches deal with. Let’s not act like this is some out of the ordinary occurrence unique to us. It isn’t. Of course we wish this wasn’t the case in society but sadly it is.

I’m confused on what you’re trying to say.

And I didn’t see anybody say they had any inside access or act like this is a unique occurrence at Arkansas. But, Cook has been arrested twice now, that is out of the ordinary for CMA players.

Hadn’t thought of that, but that’s an interesting point. Another potential drawback from him and Leblanc not being able to visit the same weekend as initially planned.

I’ll be honest here…most fan’s have a particularly low tolerance level towards player’s that aren’t considered “The Impact” type.

Him being a Senior nearing graduation does help his case but also hurts him because his maturity level is now in question.

Keep in mind he’s a 22-23 yr old adult out on a Friday night in a college town in the a.m. hrs.

The above description applies to 85% of the collegiate male population. You add 2 - 20ounce beer’s and you just blew above .5 on most occasions (dependant on weight).

The act of violence by one of the most recognizable faces in the city coupled with this being #2 arrest… let’s just say I would be shocked if he is on the roster come October.

He will probably not be immediatly released to avoid even more media headlines but rather privately informed that he has a short time span to transfer.

Scholarship’s are renewed on a yearly basis…with him being a Senior his departure doesn’t effect the 2018 class.

BUT you can take a chance with a Senior journeyman who perhaps is just awaiting a opportunity.

.05 not .5. Huuuuge difference

I work in the ER. I’ve seen only one BAL of .5 or greater and it happened to be this week.

Appreciate the correction 09’

Was the person dead

Oddly no. She had a .528. Highest I have ever seen.

I’m hoping the situation isn’t a serious as the reports and there’s a way to salvage the situation and still let him remain on the team. I’ve seen a lot of people just ready to cut ties with him because he not an impact player like you mentioned, however, we have to remember most JUCO’s are significantly better their second year. We seen it with Jabril Durham, he was barely in the rotation his first year, then ended up making a huge impact his second year.

Not sure Cook would will have the same impact as Durham, however I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume he’d be a much more productive player this year. At the very least he brings an experienced front court player that’s solid on the defensive end. CMA used him to close games last year when we needed stops.

I have always liked Cook’s game. I expect a significant contribution from him. I hope he is allowed to remain on the team. It is only two strikes and he hasn’t assaulted a woman. You don’t want to get reputation of being too much of a hardliner. Could hurt recruiting.

Just seen on twitter he’s suspended indefinitely.