What is everyone's opinion of our Development

The one coach who has been here as long as coach B is our strength coach.

I just don’t see the results from that department.

Anyone else really concerned here?

I wonder if that needs to be corrected more then anything, and I seem to remember coach B saying it took 3 to 4 years for his strength and conditioning program to really take hold… if it’s determined that we have a major flaw will it take that long to fix it?

Also, I see a large number of our higher ranked players just not delivering… Gragg, O’Grady, Merrick,Bell, etc… I hope these guys are close or we could be in real trouble in the future.

I am curious if other’s see this as a concern, or if its just me?

Strength is the least of my worries. I think we are fine there.
I think we suffer from a distinct lack of talent at this point. I think Coach B is working on fixing that, but it has not moved as fast as it should over the first 4 years.