What is Error 502 and why am I getting it?

Having the site shut down after, arguably, the biggest win for the Razorbacks in several decades was not good timing at all. So, what’s the problem and why is it taking so long to fix it. Yes, I got it again just now.

They have posted “gateway error” which I think means the input to the computer system is not connecting sometimes. Sounds like maybe there is a new program installed and a bug or two got in.

This issue has been on the message board side, which is being addressed. The site has never shut down. All of the stories have been accessible.

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Yes, as the stories trickled in we all got to read them. Maybe I am the only one, but I primarily come here to read a very knowledgable bunch of poster’s comments and, after a monumental victory, to celebrate with my fellow fans who were not able to go to the game. Most of the “articles” I can read in the Demozette or the magazine. The poster comments may not be a big deal to you, but they are a very big deal to me. That was going on bigtime at Hogville, brand “X” with several of the regulars here posting there. Here, there were crickets. Really bad timing.

Matt, if it is easy to do, could you post a note (or have someone do it) on the front page of Whole Hog when it is just the message board that is down. It will keep us from wondering if it is our computer/phone/tablet that is the problem.

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I never said that.

Maybe I am just too sensitive but it sure sounded like " you had the articles, eventually, so no big deal." The part of the site that I care about the most was down. You are correct. The “other” part wasn’t. We just had to wait a while for that part to trickle in. Why do I hear Robin Williams in The Princess Bride saying “he is not really dead, just mostly dead.” His comment was funny. Not so much here. Go Hogs.

Everything we do is important to me — the articles, the message board, the app, the podcasts, the social media, the email blasts, the magazine, and on and on — and when one goes down, I do everything I can to make sure it is corrected as soon as possible. I was on the phone multiple times this weekend trying to get this sorted out, all while trying to cover a game out of town.

The timing was unfortunate, but we can’t predict when something is going to malfunction. Each time an outage was noticed, it was corrected in relatively short time. The only time there was an extended downtime was Friday night into Saturday morning. The board worked when I checked it Friday night, but I didn’t see it again until mid-morning Saturday after I had driven to Dallas.


It’s possible you are. Also, the “part of the site I care about the most” is the articles. And last time the 502 issue was severe it shut that part down.

So either way, the HI Staff is in a lose-lose situation.

Perhaps we can all show a little more patience and understanding when the System goes FUBAR.


Agree. Prior to retirement I relied on technology to supervise a sales team with well over 1 billion in sales yearly. We had the resources to hire great tech people and they did a wonderful job. But there were times systems went down. It frustrated us but (like here) it was temporary.

Things happened. (Cleaned up to meet board standards) :v::sunglasses:

Sure. Worth a try. Each to his own. It just is a bad look when brand “X” is chugging away and the “elite” board is having repeated stumbles. I am sure they will fix it. Could be that too much attention is on Podcasts, E-editions, etc. and the basic stuff is now getting second or worse fiddle attention.

There are always technical glitches…no such thing as bug free software. I spent my entire career in IT, both development and design. That being said… it’s happens a lot on this site. I don’t use it much on my phone just mainly on my PC. It has a ton of issues there… I can read maybe 5 - 10 posts then I have to close the browser and restart due it constantly jumping to the bottom of the list then back to some random spot in the list, not marking posts as read and eventually just quitting with the always annoying “Oh Snap” message. That’s been going on for months… it’s annoying but I’ve just learned to deal with it and do what I have to do to read stuff…

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Looks like we have vastly differing opinions on what HI is trying to accomplish, here. I’m not sure they’re trying to be an “elite board” … more like “The Elite Source of Inside Razorback Information” … which includes all the formats you referenced.

If an “elite (message) board” really is your primary need, you should strongly consider saving yourself some money and become a member of an online community with a more reliable forum.

The frustration you’re experiencing can’t be worth it.

Matt and I were both making calls (and sending emails) during the weekend. I would have liked to have posted more on several times. I was curious what Fred (Tuschawg) was seeing that I was surely not noticing.

When it works, for my needs, it IS an elite board. By other’s definitions, it is up to them to decide. The quality of the posts, opinions, and analysis here is far better than Hogville, for instance. If you know of a Razorback focused board that is better than here or Hogville in those ways let us know. I have to wonder if there is a goal here to grow into something much bigger and much more lucrative and that growth process is having growing pains? There was a hint earlier of a $250 annual fee for an E-edition that initially appears to just be putting the $79 magazine on line. That must be a mistake because that business model don’t add up. Or they are hoping to package Podcasts, expanded coverage, etc. with the magazine and a basic board into justifying a much higher fee per person. I wonder if all of that is causing the basic board and basic posts to be redheaded (pun intended) stepchilds as far as maintenance and operation priorities go? Sure would like to hear “the rest of that story.”

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