What is depth behind the seniors on D next season?

Was pleased with D effort today.

Was wondering who we have coming up who replaces Agim and Richardson and Bell etc.

They were strong today and we hope we have good replacements for them next year to keep building an elite D

I know Dorian Gerald will be back, and some of the young guys that played today will be back

Starting DL will probably comprise of Gerald, Marshall, Nichols, and Soli. Backups will probably be Clay, Gregory, Williams, and frosh at DE, and Enoch Jackson, Carter, Miller, and frosh at DT. Some of the DEs may move to DT (Clay and Gregory), and someone like Fulwider may crack the depth chart at DT.

LB will look pretty close to the same, with only Scoota leaving. Lots of great true freshmen coming in and Zimos will be a redshirt FR.

Secondary will look exactly the same if Curl decides to stay. Don’t know if he has any intention on leaving early. I would also expect Bush to push McClellion for a starting gig.