What is craddock's problem with not using the middle of the field

I would love to see one of our reporters asked him why we hardly ever throw the ball over the middle of the field and when we do it’s almost always wide open as it will be with any defense as we saw last year when we did do it against Alabama they had no answer for it or will anybody else yet we continually throw the ball outside the hashes. I am totally fed up with his game planning.you have to mix up your play calling on first down to where the defense has to react to what you’re doing all we did yesterday was run the ball on first down. We will not be able to block the elite defenses with our offensive line which is improved but nowhere near SEC quality. He better learn real quick how to take what the defense is giving him or we have no chance, the middle of the field is where you go to get quick easy yards slants tight end dumps etc. It’s going to be another ugly yr guys and I absolutely hate that

I actually think the O line would be just fine if they had been put in a position to win. Quit trying to be Clemson! Because that’s what Morris thinks he’s gonna be. But the problem is we don’t have a Clemson roster. We have good enough players to win. But we don’t have good enough players to run this offense like Clemson does. we need a roster of 4-5 star players to do that. Has anyone on this staff not learned that you can’t copy another teams game plan without having those players? We arent Clemson!!! We aren’t Bama!!! And we will never be!! So adjust your style and run plays that will get points on the board or this coach will be unemployed. Just like the last coach who tried to be something other than Arkansas.

Could it be we ran a very vanilla offense yesterday and didn’t want to tip our hand to Ole Miss next week?

Sorry General. They used that excuse all of last year. Now don’t get me wrong, I want to see it be just a fluke. We. Need. Wins. Bad.

You take what the defense gives you. Yesterday the D kept 9 in the middle a lot. It’s was open at times but not many.

I don’t know if it’s an excuse but we did have 2 freshmen receivers, one of which has been sick, and we were without our top TE. That makes it hard on a QB.

Not according to Morris. He sdaid they were ready to go. And it was Portland State! We should’ve hung 50 on them!

I think the O line is still the real problem and likely affects the play calling. Pretty bad there still, which is a huge issue. I also think there is still QB mediocrity, which is a bigger problem. And neither Hicks nor Starkel can run that well. The ultimate answer may be to play someone who can improvise and run. I mean, outcome/scoring wise, could KJ or JSJ have done any worse? Morris is going to fool around and get his ass fired if he doesn’t figure out this offense thing. Bad, bad, bad.

They didn’t use that excuse ‘all of last year’. They stated many time last year that the offense knew very little of the playbook.

Well Bayou, they have good enough talent to win games. They’ve had 2 springs, 2 summer camps, a QB that has been in this system for 3+ years, and a full season to get this team ready and at least have the offense put together in some sort of fashion. It has not happened. You can’t keep blaming coaches and holdover players, new lineups, etc. It’s all a cop out. They way CCM reacted in his presser lets me further know that he may have bitten off more than he can chew with his experience.

I too would like to see some slants over the middle. I think there were several opportunities yesterday but Hicks would have probably thrown behind the receiver anyway.

There are no secrets. Everyone know what you do. Now the the Portland ST coach was surprised I’m sure to see us play the only way they had any chance at all. This is a historic Razorback football philosophy, it’s silly and always has been and nobody does it but us it seems.

Ole Miss is not going to expect a pass over the middle next week. Hardy har har!!! We trickerated them!! Yuck yuck yuck! We are so smart! They will never expect a draw!! They never saw much of them!!!lololol

It just the dumbest thing ever. Always has been.

HHHMMM, I don’t recall that being said last year. All I heard last year was we could only use 30% of the playbook, hence, you really couldn’t hold anything back. I’m not saying Morris was holding back the meat of his playbook, but I am curious based on what we saw yesterday.

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda. Tennessee shoulda killed Georgia State. Mizzou, who returned the key parts of their offense, shoulda hung 70 on Wyoming. Fact is we won a game where didn’t play well. I’ll take it.

P-State took away the middle of the field most of the day by alignment, with a cover 1 safety in the middle of the field. What is absolutely shocking is how little we attempted to throw to the sideline. Wheel routes, outs, comeback, and go’s were there most of the day. We hit some and missed some, but I’m shocked we didn’t beat that horse until it was dead. Poor…just poor recognition by the staff. Unless, of course, Hicks is unable to throw those routes and the staff intentionally veered away from them, because its a pick six waiting to happen(nearly did).

I thought Hicks flushed too much. Of course, they dropped four or five.

the first drive of the game he miss morris coming across the middle two times but both times tried to throw it to other people who are well covered.they were dropping people into coverage cuz we were trying to throw in obvious passing Downs the key to Throwing over the middle is to do it on first down off of play-action

Hicks can’t even throw a swing pass to the running back with any accuracy, what makes you think he can make harder throws like deep outs and go’s.

Gol Durn–Whar’s that dude who threw for all of those yards (completed passes) at SMU, and what kinda routes/offensive plays were they running that we haven’t tried?

You mean the one who had 2 NFL wide receivers and has a career completion percentage of 56% ?