What is Chandler waiting on?


I think it’s a tough decision to play for your Dad, and posted I wouldn’t be surprised if he went elsewhere, like Clemson.
But DD and possibly RD feel strong he will play for the Hogs.

Clemson already got a commit from a QB. Happens to be a 5*. They aren’t taking a commitment from Morris

IMO the pressure of signing with the Razorbacks at the highest profile position on the football team at the same time your father is the relatively new head coach and in the Infancy stage of a total rebuild with the roster is a difficult decision.
Whatever his decision, I just hope that it ends up being the right decision for both him, their family and Razorback Football.

Go Hogs!

And we do have lots of QB’S already. JS

Not for the 2020 class, as Morris says, he’s always looking/recruiting QB’s.