What is backup plan

If Gafford goes pro?

Question for RD or DD. Is Javon Franklin a possibility as a backup plan for 2018 class? Although I would like to get a mobile 6-10 kid like Daniel.

They’re still recruiting for the 18 class but no names yet. Javon will have to be in JC for two years.

He’s had a pretty good freshman season, averaging a little more than 10 points and nearly 8 rebounds a game in 21 minutes.

Javon is indeed a 2019 guy.

While Reggie Chaney isn’t a big guy he’s still in the 6-8 and 230 range. Arkansas hasn’t had a guy built like him in awhile. Plus he has very good athleticism.

We have had a pretty good run with Portis, Kingsley and Gafford. Hope it continues. Don’t think I can put Chaney next to them. However, Chaney is going to be a 4 we have not had since Corliss.

Would agree, but he’s a four that mostly plays around the paint.

Look what Auburn has done this season without a dominant big man! It’s not impossible. I hope Gafford stays another year! The hogs need another big man