What is attendance?

Announced yet?

I didn’t hear the number, but they just said it’s the 3rd largest crowd ever at Baum

they said 11,722

The 11,722 was just ahead of the series clincher against Missouri State three years ago. The only two that were bigger - and it’s all within about 400 people - were for the first two games of that Missouri State series.

I was there for all 3. I thought we were going to break the record tonight. I’ve heard it louder in there. I thought the crowd was hot for the first half of the game any maybe a little antsy. The Shaddy double was very loud, though.

Did you get to attend tonight? I know you were looking for tickets earlier this week.

Just so everyone knows, there were tickets available outside before the game. I got there about 5:15 and 5-6 people were selling tickets on Razorback Rd and at least a couple were face value. In other words, if you don’t have tickets just show up!