What is Arkansas Football?

If we play Arkansas Football…, what does Bielema mean by that? Running the ball…, surely not because we can’t. We suck in all phases!

Arkansas football is embarrassing and pathetic…and I’ve been a fan longer than most…no more…

It’s going to get to the point of who cares anymore

Football, it’s just not our sport. Now CBB has gone to three Rose Bowls so it can’t be him. Fifth year senior QB and fifth year head coach both struggling. Can’t wait to hear the first “we have things to work on that can be corrected” at the podium shortly. This will be a fun year on the Hog boards…

Arkansas football is becoming…homecoming opponent

I hope Bielema gets it done but am not convinced. He basically wants to be Alabama (style wise) but we don’t have the athletes

This bodes well for hog bball hoopla wps pack the bud! 40 min of hell is back :twisted: