What is Adrio Bailey's vertical?

This kid can flat get off the floor. An example. SHS player is trying to inbound the ball with Bailey defending closely. SHS player floats the ball over Bailey to his teammate for what looked like a safe pass. But Bailey leaps in the air and plucks the ball out of air like a rebound. You can possibly expect a tip but grabbing the ball like a rebound was the last thing I expected. I am sure SHS player was as surprised as I was.

Yes, that was an “OMG” play for sure. He has some kind of hops! It looked like he nearly hit his head on the backboard on his blocked shot. If he will work on his shot and his handle, he’s going to remind us of Qualls in a year or two.

Yes, that blocked shot was a thing of beauty. That leap was so quick. Another kid that can get off the floor is CJ. He was way up for that one rebound.

The OMG part is how quick he leaps off the floor.