What is a successful '16-'17 season?

Maybe this should be a poll, but I’m curious. There’s a lot of talk on here on when is enough, enough and getting this ship turned around. I’m curious what the general consensus is for this season. Give me a record or production. Is it NCAA sweet 16, top 32, in the tourney? What if we win the SECT and lose the first game of the NCAAT? What is it that you need to see to feel like it was a success and Mike is moving things in the right direction. And can we keep it to a sentence or two.

Regardless of how we play in the SECT, I want us to make the NCAAT and win the first game. Winning 2 will likely require us to beat a #1 seed.

This season just winning 25 games to me would be a sucess. Winning at least one game in the SEC tournament and making the NCAA tournament. But I don’t think any of the above will happen. This team lacks the leadership on the floor to win

My personal opinion is a deep run in the NIT. If we make the NCAAT, I think we go one and done. Then the people on here that don’t think we are a tourney team, would be saying I told you so. If we go to the NIT, there is a very good chance we end up as a 1 seed. That’s means we would get three games at BWA, and a Final Four at MSG. I think those extra games and practices would do more for the program than one and done. If we could hang a banner (even a NIT) many would consider it a better year than a one and done in the NCAAT. That’s just my opinion. As for record at least 25-26 wins (that would put us in the championship game of the NIT, if we make the NCAAT, then I’d say 23-24 wins.

I think just making the NCAA Tournament is a successful season for any program, minus a handful of bluebloods whose expectations are elevated. The tournament is too unpredictable to predicate success on how many games you win there, in my opinion. Really good teams are upset in the early rounds all the time.

make the ncaa tournament. occasionally make a deep run. but make the tournament each and every year for starters. gone are the days of 1 thru 4 seeds, just make it…

Be in the top 3 in the SEC every year and everything else will take care of itself,Dancing,Recruiting,Sold out BWA and 80% favorable fan rating. WPS !!

Several ways to be a success. Making the NCAAT would make it a success. I can’t imagine that not being the case.

NIT? Winning it or at least the Final 4 for sure would. Something less than that in NIT? I don’t know hard to say. At the time of Nolan’s second season I was satisfied with going to the NIT and winning one game. Wanted more. But it good enough.

Win one in the ncaat.

Win one in the ncaat.

Of coarse I want a NCAA Tournament and at least a win and if not I would be happy at worst with a NIT Final FOUR! Anything less would kinda be a bit of a let down!

Anything short of NCAA, would be most disappointing to the fans including myself.

Making the NCAA - which I said should be the expected goal to start the season