What in the world

erupted between DVH & CTV? :astonished:

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who knows? But I’d say a dollar to a doughnut CV probably got out of line somewhere.

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I’d back you on that bet

DVH is still The Godfather.

“Thus endeth the lesson”
(Actually I think it was Capone who supposedly said that)

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What does Conner Vanover have to do with this, lol? But seriously, I have no idea what you meant by CV?

Nope Malone (Sean Connery) Saïd it to Ness (Kostner) who subsequently fired it at Capone. Great quote,

Took me a minute,too, but he means Coach Vitello

Thanks. Some of these abbreviations stump me sometimes.

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Yep. Me too

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I never understood why Coach needs to be in it anyway. We don’t need CDVH. Or CEM or CSP. Muss or Sam will do in that instance. And the other team’s coach doesn’t get the term of respect anyway.

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