What in the world

does paywall mean?

I’m sure it’s been explained.

Does the pay pay the Wall? Does Wall pay the pay?

Am I the only one that doesn’t know the names of all the SEC Team?

Like wallets? And on an on. Who in the Sam Hill got to pick those names. Mercy…

Paywall is something you have to pay to read. Like this site.

I pick my own damn names, Mike, and you don’t have to read them.

Now get off my lawn.

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What is Eoe?

East of Eden…

Evil Orange Empire. There is an eastern division located in TN and a western division in TX. The shade of oranges are different, but orange is orange. Both have recently fallen on hard times. Well-deserved.

Hey ya big dummy this is not your lawn.

Show me the checks and I’ll might think about it…

You talk to much anyway…


I always thought it was equal opportunity employer

I think we need a pinned post with all of Swine’s names spelled out. Took me a while to figure out SAO. . .

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You guys are only scraping the surface of Swine Nicknames.

yeah? what do the “O” stand for; I figure the SA stands for “sorry a$…”?

Strong A$ Offer

Actually, Jeff is not a Big Dummy, he’s kinda smallish–maybe 155 lbs?

And don’t get on to him about his factual discourse, he brings a lot of ‘hard to look up stuff’ to this board.

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I hate to be naive, why is UF referred to as the Wallets?

Alligator hide

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You guys are only scraping the surface of Swine Nicknames.

Bingo! Thats the point. And I bet my wallet a bunch are not speaking up. It’s just Mr Tucker that had enough courage to speak up when Swine Fever said to get off my LAWN. So he’s only in the 8th grade at 155 lbs, but the thinks he’s the only one around here. Talks down to us. MMmmm 155 lb 8th grader. Yepper he brings a lot to the table. That’s debatable.


I have had the pleasure of knowing Jeff since our UA days 40 years ago. Jeff has the best memory of anyone I have every met. His recall, memory and intelligence levels are all off the charts. Scary good.
Brings a ton of exceptional news/insight/tidbits to the Forums. He also doesn’t take a back seat to anyone. Will stand and fight even when it’s best perhaps to silently walk away. Enjoys talking trash on the boards…don’t take any of it seriously. He’s just having fun with us.


LOL. I wish. 155 is long gone in the rear view mirror now.

Mike, you sure didn’t hesitate to ask me a PM question last week, or are you too old to remember that?

Maybe I need to provide a list for Marty to pin. Where all this came from is that I’m largely incapable of calling anything by its real name. Even my parents are no longer Mom and Dad.

EOE – Evil Orange Empire. Originally applied to Texass but also fits for Tennessee, which is almost as evil and equally orange. If you need to differentiate between the two, EOE-Austin and EOE-Knoxville.

Fightin’ Fallopians – the athletic teams of EOE-Austin. Bevo’s head bears a striking resemblance to the female reproductive tract.

Wallets – Florida. Alligator hide is used for luggage, wallets and a few other things.

Ocean Scum – Bama. Red tide is algae found in the ocean. Cream rises to the top; so does scum.

Bagmen – my newest addition for the former employers of Saint Gus of Hypocrites, AKA Auburn, given their history of paying players long before the onset of NIL legislation.

SAO – As noted above, Strong A$$ Offer, applies to all teams from Baton Rouge. Also known as the Corndogs, because as we all know, LSU fans smell like corndogs.

Misery – Corruption of the state name to our north and its flagship school. Go to CoMo in January, it’s miserably cold, so it fits.

Jellycats – Kentucky. KY Jelly is, uh, a feminine lubricant.

Poultry/Chickens/Hens – South Carolina

Rebnecks – Ole Miss. Pretty self explanatory if you’ve ever met anyone from Mississippi.

Paperclips – the representatives of the University of Mobilehoma. The OU logo looks like a paperclip bent slightly out of shape. If you’ve ever crossed the Garrison Avenue bridge out of downtown Fort Smith, you understand why I call it Mobilehoma. The first thing you see is an auto junkyard.

Gagmes – the collegiate residents of College Station, Texas. They are a self-parody, so I don’t need to add much else.

Prairie Chickens – Jeff Long’s former employer, soon to be Bill Self’s former employer.

Okie Lite – the second team out of Mobilehoma.

Jawja – Southern pronunciation of Georgia. Dawgs gets confusing with that other set of SEC canines…

Moo U – the collegiate residents of Stankvomit, Mississippi. Also known as the Leghumpers, or less frequently the Varmits.

Molester State – Oregon State. Not only recruited a pitcher who had confessed to sexual contact with a very young female relative, but continued to defend him after the word got out; he claims he confessed but didn’t really do it. What happened in Omaha in 2018 would have POd me regardless, but the fact that Molester State won the NC instead of us was particularly galling. At least the molester himself took the loss in Game 1 of the championship series. Nobody in US pro baseball will touch him; he’s pitching in Mexico now.

Tattoo U – The Ohio State University, AKA tOSU and the Suckeyes. If you don’t remember, several Ohio State football players got free tattoos in 2010 in exchange for signed Suckeye memorabilia. Jim Tressel let them play in the Sugar Bowl against us (at least two of them had key roles in the tOSU “victory”) and then the win was vacated when those players were correctly declared ineligible.


Speaking of having a sense of humor, I guess we can’t say the selection committee doesn’t have one. First round matchup: Ramblin’ Wreck vs. Ramblers.

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University of Oregon and our one time/one day former b-ball coach has quite the track record of recruiting sexual assaulters there too fwiw

Kinda like SAO football