What in the world

is our bench doing, the Monstars come and steal their powers or something? They can’t even dribble at this point.

They are literally double dribbling, traveling, and just throwing the ball to the other team. Embery has turned down 2 wide open 3 pointers, it’s almost unreal how bad they are playing right now. If we get any little thing from them we are easily winning by 10 points right now.

I’m wondering what happened to Gafford. He can’t get a shot off two feet from the bucket.

So far they have contributed 5 turnovers and zero points.

That’s it in the box score.

He was mauled on that last attempt. But he’s struggling.

You’re gonna get mauled inside. Part of the game. Gotta get the ball in the hoop anyway.

And right on cue, Chaney gets an and-one.

Take Keyshawn out! turned down 3 open 3 pointers now.

Yes! I knew if I said that he would do that :slight_smile:

Forcing it to Gafford is a TO waiting to happen. Just shoot the ball.


Hope we win. But Don’t see it now.

No depth and terrible ball management

We just aren’t a very good team

We are poorly coached. THIS. THURSDAY NIGHT Y.

No one should ever go on a 18-1 run at Bud Walton

This is keystone cops basketball right now

team is ajoke! I knew when Gafford went out the game was over preview of next yr right here

8 years

No sweet 16’s

Cannot get it done

This is a coaching issue

Absolutely agree that this is a coaching issue. Eight years and we are struggling to be a middle of the SEC pack team. Can we stop pretending that CMA is the answer? He needs to go!

CBH did a excellent job of making half time adjustments,giving credit where it’s due.WPS