What I'm hearing

The visit helped Arkansas a lot with Greg Brooks. Hearing he had the same thinking a lot of other kids do with Arkansas being nothing but country. It appears he’ll announce on signing day in Dec.

Devin Bush’s visit was very positive. He and CB coach Mark Smith spent a lot of time together. There might be another trip made but nothing firm. Still feel good about Arkansas’ chances here.

I think Arkansas made good inroads with Lakia Henry. He really likes Chavis. Can’t say Arkansas will flip him from Tennessee, but they definitely have given him something to think about.

They all leave about mid-afternoon.

Can say I’m hearing Malik Chavis thinks Bush and Brooks will be Hogs.

Ya think not getting blown out by LSU & this current team not giving up might have had some influence.

Sure it didn’t hurt.

So not expecting any verbal commitments today?

Didn’t say that. I would stick around.


Was Kelly Bryant there? Or did I dream that?

Kelly Bryant was at North Carolina to watch the Tar Heels fall to 1-8 after a 42-35 loss to visiting Duke.

One has to think there are decent odds they will have a new coach next season.

Collin Clay is making :eyes:, again on Twitter. So like Richard, said something could happen, today for sure. He is, and has been our best player recruiter this year. Not the only one, but he has been working hard on this class, he sees a change coming, with this class, and so do I.

I’'m holding off my Devin Bush story for the appropriate time.

Have you heard anything good from any 2020 kids? Curious to see who the first 2020 commit will be

Working on them now.

RD, I think I see what you did there. :wink: