What I'm hearing on Jaden Rashada

Looks like Jaden has a different view of Arkansas after the visit being a kid from Cali.

He loved the hospitality he received from the staff

Jaden Hamm and Luke Hasz definitely told him he was wanted.

Big fan of the Briles offense.

Looks like Arkansas might get another visit in the near future.


Long way to go obviously and no telling what will happen, but Jaden signing with Arkansas would hands down be the biggest recruiting win in the history of the program. A 5* QB from Cali would make a national statement.

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just match what Tenner did with the kid from Long Beach Poly. His presence on campus last weekend was a bigger story than the baseball team who had yet to lose to Tn Tech and Bama. We will not be hurting wherever the wheel lands, see same for Muss and all his recruits. Overall program success begets more success in football, baseball, basketball and more. SEC recruiting is a blood bath waiting to happen and we are surviving and need to know off A$m and bammer to hang tough.

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Great news, Richard. Thank you for the update!
Happy Easter!

I’m thinking you are right, pony up to swim in the deep water or go wade in the shallows.

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