What I'm hearing from the OVs

Malachi Singleton is still very much solid.

He’s good with KJ coming back. Feels like he can learn from him.


Big OL?

Great news what I was hoping to hear.

Btw, Malachi will enroll in Jan.


Do they think he’s close to 100%?

Glad to hear it!! He is a football player!! He can come in early and learn

Liked Arkansas’ chances before and I don’t see the visit hurting.


Love threads like this. It’s just full of positive news!

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If Braun does come to Arkansas, he’ll play at guard.

Great would allow Limmer to move to Center.

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Would Criswell screw up singletons recruitment?

You can’t hide something like that from a kid.

They can see all the starting QB;s entering portal too, competition is going to be anywhere they want or chose to go.

Richard, why no story on Braun?

I think Singleton is the better prospect I wouldn’t be afraid of competition at all if I were him.

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Good timing! You sussed out a commitment!!

Because some dumb butt (me) posted the story in the football forum. Just moved it over.

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Outstanding news RD!

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