What I'm hearing for this weekend (4:42 update)

I have confirmed LB Jaylen Moody and OL Ryan Winkel. I’m hearing DE Dorian Gerald is a good possibility, but I haven’t heard back from Dorian so holding off saying he’s for sure coming. He told me last week the plan was to visit, but he wasn’t 100%.

At this time, I’m not expecting John Mincey to visit.

As of now that’s all I expect for the weekend.

4:42 update

I’m not expecting Gerald so it looks like Moody and Winkel.

You aren’t trying to say it’s fluid, are you, Richard?

This time of the year you can never say never.


John Mincey— Thought the plan was to come in Sunday so it has changed . Any comment?

As of now, he’s not coming. You’re talking 17 and 18 year olds.

Thanks Richard, I understand. “So you are saying we have a chance?” will leave it at that.

We don’t need Mincy, we’re going to get Wilson…

I think you are correct,