What I'm hearing about the workouts

Vance Jackson has been shooting ball very well

Jalen Tate great energy in every drill

Overall Justin Smith most impressive.

Just a few bits.


Love it! keep em coming, RD, we are starved for some Hog news


Mouth watering for more RD.

Those three (Jackson, Tate, and Smith) plus Joe and Moody would be just an outstanding starting group.

I suspect Connor will get a lot of minutes if he doesn’t start. Same for Sills.

More Senor Davenport more please!

Just wandering. If Covid is still raging in the Fall, will Basketball get pushed back to Spring? Only Conference Games? Empty Arenas. Or even an NCAA Tournament?

So glad you posted that about Smith. When he committed/signed, I was absolutely ecstatic. It seemed like the board, in general, just didn’t see it as something great. Not sure why, maybe because he didn’t have gaudy stats at Indiana.

I believe we got an excellent all around college basketball player in Smith. He is very good in virtually every phase of the game of basketball.

I loved reading the recent posts about Lenzie, after his tragic death, and how he affected the great Razorback teams he played on. Not saying Justin will be Lenzie, but I believe he will affect this basketball team similarly to how Lenzie affected those 2 great teams.

I look for Justin to be one of our best defenders, rebounders, and a solid scorer.

Read elsewhere that Moses is really playing well, Tate is as good or better than whitt defensively. Desi and Notae are both fiercely competitive… KK is just a great player and is in the best position to be PG at this time.Smith is quick and a very solid player, nothing fancy but very effective. Jaylin was hitting shots and appeared to be moving well.

Harley, I posted that Justin Smith signing was a game changer.

I wasn’t moved that much by our other 5 transfers. Those 5 are good players, but none of them are high impact players, at least yet.

Smith will be that high impact, no doubt.

When you start seeing all these names in one thread, it makes me wonder if we don’t have the most “SEC talent depth” on any one team since Nolan’s 90’s teams.

Obviously, this year, we don’t have a “May-Day” or a “Corliss-Scotty-Beck” at the top of the line-up, but we have some serious quality depth. I do though, hope to see a “Joe-Smith-Moody” at the top of this line-up.

However, the next year we may have a “Moody-KK-Williams” as a similar trio at the top of the line-up.

Please, please, let us have a complete basketball this season, even if we have to start a month or two late.

Justin Smith is easily the most athletic. (He’s got Micheal Qualls bounce)

Nope, we don’t really have a threat at the 5, the PG is up for grabs, and so many new guys. We don’t look like UK, maybe more like a top lower division team.

If we have a season, there is no way this team will be anywhere near the “lower division” of the SEC!

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I meant a team like a Belmont or Murray State.

UK doesn’t have a 5 either if the Wake Forest kid doesn’t get his waiver,.

Yeah. The true 5 is going the way of the Dinosaur in college and the NBA anyway.
It’s all about the stretch 4/5 now. Muss wants his bigs to shoot the 3.

Love to hear this. We will have a fearsome team, if they
get to play.

If Vanover is not a threat at the 5 then nobody has a threat at the 5. He’s not an old traditional 5 but he will force the opponents big men way out on the court and make it much easier to drive to the bucket. And he will get some inside stuff as well. Everyone on this board just passes him by but he’ll give us a good 20-25 minutes every game and cause all kinds of defensive problems for our opponents. Everyone says he can’t get back against these great running teams, but he’ll do better than most of you think. He doesn’t have to be the first, second or even third man to get back. And when we score on the other end it is much tougher to fast break against us. Then, Williams can come in and be fresh and continue to cause problems. Our other four guys on the court can hold their own with any of the other teams. Depending on how fast our four freshmen develop we could be a very dangerous team by the second half of the season. I doubt that any team will look forward to playing us late in the season.

I’m hearing Jackson’s shooting was nothing short of remarkable the other day. He was on fire from three.

Heard Moses was shooting the ball pretty well but Jackson has been on another level.