What I'll be watching for next Saturday

Its finally here. I’m always sad to see the summer end, as that’s the time my wife and I are both off work and get to spend lots of time together (she continues to be cancer free!). Plus there’s golf! But, once school starts, I’m ready for football. Below is what I’ll be watching for next Saturday:

  1. The back 5-6. When La Tech spreads us out, how do we look back there? I’m especially anxious to see the safeties. I’ll really zero in on #9. Has he really improved as much as is thought once its live? And what does Pulley look like? We need #28 to be very good. I trust Collins to be excellent.
  2. Let’s all say it together…RIGHT TACKLE. Whomever we have out there needs to look reasonably good against what is bound to be one of the weaker d-lines we will face. I expect the rest of the line to dominate.
  3. Austin Allen, obviously. Count me as one who fully expects AA to play very well this year. Its all set up for him. But he has to do it. Mainly, I want to see him protect the ball. No INTs.
  4. Devwah Whaley, and if he plays, TJ Hammonds. Both are destined for greatness if my eyes are correct.
    Can they get it going early? Or will it be a gradual thing. We need the former. Even with Rawleigh and PawPaw
  5. Kicking game. Are we crisp in protections?

I see the opening lines are 23plus. I hope we win by that much. LaTech is not a cupcake. Not. A. Cupcake.

This is a perfect beginning game for the Hogs, this season. We’re playing a bunch of spread teams. Starting with a spread team, but not the very best will be fine practice to create readiness (and film) for game #2.

While I don’t think La Tech is a cupcake, I do think the Hogs will take this game seriously and win by 3 touchdowns. But again, it’ll be a great rehearsal for things to come.

Ready to see if we can stop the spread

Period end of story

Yes the Dline helps but this secondary has to step up week in week out …the opener gets us tested for TCU and they get us ready for SEC play

Coach Rhoades has me excited to see improved technique and hopefully results.

daBoar hope you’re right.

These are good points. I will say that the defense must do well in all 11 positions against a spread. The back end is as good as the front end. Vice versa. I am interested if Robb Smith plays four ends up front and if there is pressure from that group.

Clay I love your thought of a front four consisting of Ramsey, Led, Sosa, and Wise. That’s a real pass-rushing group! If teams have to pay too much attention to Wise, boy those other 3 can create havoc. They can help our secondary. Immeasurably.

I will be watching Louisiana Tech’s Drew Morgan, senior WR Trent Taylor from Shreveport Evangel. Wears number 5.

He is 5 feet, 8 inches tall and 178 pounds. And a dynamo. This guy caught 99 passes last season.

Gained 1,282 yards, or almost 13 yards per catch. Scored nine touchdowns.

SEC defenses struggle to cover Drew Morgan, and I want to see how Arkansas covers Trent Taylor.