What If

We shud have continued the shutdown of ANYONE coming from China, BUT that was xenophobic so says the Dem’s.

It’s almost impossible to put the toothpaste back in the tube!!!

Come on folks, there was never anyone that has been perfect on this God green earth other that Jesus Christ, so let’s pull together instead of trying to tear apart!!!


Yeah it helped some but was a drop in the bucket to what some people were making.

If the spigot of “free” money creation form the bowls
of the Fed is infinite, then we can tell everyone to stay
home and watch free movies and enjoy your endless supply of meals and food delivered directly to your door.

Of course this is not only an illusion, it is short sighted
since ultimately we will lose our trump card(intended) of being the holder of the world’s reserve currency. Then we face an outcome that might well make the FDR Great Depression look like child’s play.

“…people are still getting sick and dying.”

Wow! Imagine that. When will it ever stop…and of course, extrapolating from your post, its no secret who you blame for it. So I’m glad you cleared that up…you are tired of people getting sick and dying and you are dang tired of Trump continuing to allow it.

Yet another thread had drifted into politics. disbelief :lock: