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we volunteered all of the football team and staff for the stage 3 testing of the most promising Covid vaccine. Wouldn’t it be reasonable to expect that half of these participants would probably be protected from the virus? Better still, of course, would be to have a side by side test with say Alabama whereby all of our players got the actual vaccine and all of the Alabama guys got the placebo, but I’m not sure at this point how to pull that off.

If the SEC made the call it would be the other way around.

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What? We can’t “volunteer” these young men to do anything, let alone participate in a vaccine trial. Too many of you think these Hog football players owe you a season, and that we fans can dictate what they must do vis a vis Covid-19. Safety or other issues be damned. Come on.

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I think the best way to do this would be to have the football players sign up for online classes only, that way you could keep them in a bubble. If one of them gets sick you admittedly quarantine them. This is going to be a sacrifice for the players but we just have to hope it is a temporary sacrifice that will allow them the best chance to play football this fall.

Surely you could see by reading his last sentence that it was a totally sarcastic post. Geez.

Surely could see by reading first half of the post that he’s serious. Geez.

Youda ole buddy, surely you can still remember way back when you were in college. Man, partying and chasing wimmen in between classes (whether on line or in person) pretty much makes that “bubble” nonexistent. College students are not going to submit to any sacrifice that prohibits those social experiences.

I get it but this is not normal times we’re in now,when you and I were back in college we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic and my football season wasn’t going to be threatened if I didn’t put myself in a bubble… sometimes you got to do things temporarily that you don’t really want to do but you know it’s what you have to do to achieve certain things… this is one of those things. We do this so we can have a football season.

The bubble you’re asking them to live in is incredibly severe. Depending on how widespread the virus is in area around the team, it’d require almost complete adherence to rules that limit all outside exposure. That’s a tall order. What’s worse, even the most careful isolated people can get it if some infected person gets in their airspace & they touch something in common in the wrong way.

We’re only surmising about how easy it will be to transmit the virus between players in practice or in a game, but from what we know about how the virus is transmitted, we can be pretty sure one or two infected players on a team will spread it to teammates pretty quickly.

What annoys me is that we could have prevented most of what we’re having to do now. Had we shut down more strictly for a few weeks longer back in the spring, had everyone, or nearly everyone, worn a mask, and had we done more testing & tracing, we could be pretty much back to normal by now. Just like Europe. New Zealand hasn’t had a new case for several weeks.

IF, IF, IF, we could change the past, we could all be our better selves.
Yes, if China had behaved in an ethical and moral way,
the whole world would be in a much better place today.


Very hard to shut down earlier when the so called national expert going on 60 minutes and saying we really shouldn’t be wearing masks. There will always be no right answer for what has happened. There have been so many" side effects" caused by shutting down as long as we did that the world may never recover from it.
We can agree to disagree but until we can isolate the football players kind of like the NBA is done, you are going to have spikes, you can’t have them going to class and being around other students and not expect them to have a “much greater” shot at getting the disease then if they’re in their own confines which is going to be hard enough to control with the hand-to-hand combat they’re going to do every day… they are going to class though by all accounts so no other way but to expect a spike. We’ll see if we can get a season started and continued very soon.

We were warned about our own behavior early this year. Scientists told us what we needed to do. Other nations did it. This isn’t something we couldn’t have seen coming.

We still could have shut down more & longer if we’d had no masks at all. The very early problems with masks were that there weren’t enough for medical providers & first responders. Plus, we didn’t know just how effective they’d be. Resistance to masks has been widespread well past that time. A lot of people still refuse to wear them.

Easier said than done to shut down longer when your job has been suspended and you got a family to feed.

Sad we cant get our leaders to agree on anything,
Trump, puts a travel ban on China right off the bat, Dem’s raise hell.
Trump opens things up & virus explodes it’s all his fault.

Neither side can agree on what is best for our country, nor can the medical professionals.

We can’t even agree to disagree, we can only agree that the other side is WRONG!!!


For some who seem to love to see their posts on this board, this issue is not over masks, treatments, timing
or lost lives, it is about the election. JMHO.

I hope we are able see this virus defeated by more powerful treatments and ultimately a vaccine that reduces it to the dustbin of history, but we will see it
or others like it in the future. This will happen regardless of who holds the reigns of power in this country.
Life has neither a pause button nor a rewind switch. So I think we play on.


Agree with you completely!!!

Words of wisdom for sure

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Great post. Let’s also not forget, as many in this thread have, that a current Dr. on the front lines, on this board, has talked about the new treatments in comparing Mar to July/Aug. As he said, elderly people and at risk people who were dying in Mar - May are recovering now. This is certainly consistent with the constantly declining death rate. Funny how these facts never seem to appear in the mainstream media nor frequently on this board.

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Can you define “mainstream media” for me? Seriously. I’d like to know you define it.

On the election — by any objective measure, this country has done a horrible job with this virus. Horrible. Indefensible, really. From having early information about the virus in late January and yet lack of action then, to lack of adequate testing especially in hotspots, to premature re-openings in May, to no federal guidance on masks. It’s all been monumentally and horrifically bad. While I’m very grateful new therapeutics are having success, people are still getting sick and dying. Appalling. In this country, of all places.

So, yes, I will take those objective facts into consideration when voting. There does happen to be an election in November, you know. If we’re all allowed to vote and have our votes counted, that is.

That’s why we had the PPP payments. They should have been larger & longer, but we could have eliminated most of the economic hit.