What if

we let the games play out? I am not a happy camper today, but: Lets look at our schedule guess what could happen. We are 1 and 1 now. TA&M W NMS W SC W Bama L Auburn ? OM W CC W MSU ? LSU L MU W. That would be 7 wins 3 defeats and 2 ?. Would you take a 7 and 5, 8 and 4, or 9 and 3 record? I would. Now, if we go 6 and 6, 5 and 7, 4 and 8, 3 and 9, I become more and more unhappy. What is the answer? Coach better, recruit better, play better. If the wheels came off, and we go 4 and 8, what do we do? What coach is out there that we could actual get? I don’t know. I hope the ship gets righted against TA&M and we go on to have winning record, go to a nice bowl, and win a bowl game against Texas.

I would not count OM and MSU as sure wins. Their passing attack with Shea Patterson and their stable of future NFL receivers will eat our lunch. They also have improved run game. Fitzgerald at MSU is a force to be reconed with and we have not faired well with running QBs. Both teams have chip on their shoulder. Hogs will have to bring their A game.

A&M plus USC are two I for sure I wouldn’t pick. A&M will be able to run the ball it all else fails, USC has s very good young qb. I have a hard time seeing last a 2-5 start.

Even though A&M is a dumpster fire so are we. Sumlin has Hogs number until further notice.

No way we beat SC, Bama or Auburn. Ole Miss will be tricky on the road.

LSU, MSU and Mizzou will all score points against us. I see no better than the average 2-6 SEC record. 12 SEC wins in 5 years. Are you paying attention Jeff Long??

We take OM for granted… remember, this is a team that BEAT Bama 2 of the years we beat them…meaning, we probably got lucky…particularly in 2015 with the “Hunter Heave”…
We BETTER hope we beat aTm, and msu and our Non Conference games to get to 5-7… I am NOT counting USC-E; OM, Aub; Bama, or LSU…
GONNA be a LONG year!!!

I wonder if much of what’s being said was similar to when Arkansas lost to Toledo? I understand a lot of pessimism I really do, but would bet it was like this when Toledo beat the Hogs.

It’s year 5 RD. That’s the difference. I heard the same response 2 years ago as we heard today. The same blah blah blah. Just like halftime interview at bowl " I promise we’re gonna play hard the second half". 2nd half was a disaster.

The media can fall for the same line of BS but I am for one tired of it.

A lot of pessimism there is.

But even in the loss to Toledo, there were bright signs. The offense could move the ball. Over 500 yards of offense, enough offense to keep you in games, just needed the D to help win a game.

This team just doesn’t look good. The offense is nonexistent. We can’t run, we can’t throw… that’s what suggests a long season to me. The Defense is improved, but no where near good. Our 3rd down and short D is horrendous.

The fact that or OL has struggled against FAMU and it’s inferior talent, then TCU in its undersized front… suggests the SEC lines won’t be fun.

I said I understand the pessimism. I get it. It’s still just game two. A lot can happen good or bad the next 10.

Toledo we just gave that game away but that’s how far back the red zone problem goes.
I still think there is hope. The WR and TE are the whole key. Until the hogs show a positive signs in the passing game the box will be loaded up!
Hoping for a fired up bunch of hogs in Jerry’s world.

Yes, this.

“We’re going to have to take a look internally”

“We’re going to have to ask ourselves what we are asking the players to do, and if it’s too much”

“We’re going to have to do a self inventory”

I feel like I’ve heard those plus some others time and time again.

Yes it’s just game two, but when considered along with the Va Tech, Mizzou, LSU, and Auburn debacles to close out 2016 it’s one Hell of a mess. A good portion of the fanbase has had our enthusiasm, optimism, and hope for better times sucked out of us.

Understand. Only way to change that is to win.

Winning two of four against A&M, Alabama, South Carolina, and Auburn would do the trick. Anything less and his support erodes unless that one is Alabama.

Is two of four likely?

I can’t see a win against A&M or USC, I think auburn wins as well. Not going to be a good year for cBB.