What if we paid recruiting director 4m?

We talk about how we need be innovative to be a more sustainable national power at Arkansas, given lack of major D 1 talent in state.

I’m kidding of course about paying a recruiting director head coach money,

But what if we paid largest salary in US to recruiting coordinator and gave that person/office largest budget in US?

I know all our issues are not talent, but what if we had a plan to overcome talent deficits we have against bigs and were the destination for the nation’s best recruiting strategy activities in D1 instead of one of the boys?

We currently try hard, and arguably harder than most. But are we doing this as smart as possible? Onus may be on us to be more innovative than all the rest.

If we are to break the cycles of mediocrity and want to be a big, I wonder I we need find ways to innovate or I wonder if maybe a good year here or there but we are looking up from bottom more times than not.

I believe it can be done at Arkansas.

But it may require being much more innovative than competition to acheice parody much less exceleence - if that is our goal.

Crazy thought as we can’t wait to play again and prove TCU game was just a bad dream.

Broyles approach was hire top quality assistants who could coach and recruit . I believe we have to improve the quality of our assistant coach.

If we are serious about competing for the SEC championship, we should go hire the next Nick Saban and pay him the 7 million or whatever per year. I don’t know who that coach is but we can spend $160 million on additional facilities so why can’t we hire the best HC? I really do like CBB but I have no confidence he is going to get the program there. I expect this team to get better as the season goes along but we will have the same mediocrity every year Imo with him at the head. I believe if the right HC was in Fayetteville, the recruits would come.
I’m not calling for CBB’s head by any stretch here. Nonetheless, we are who we are and I don’t see that changing substantially without a different commitment to winning the SEC.

I think we need that for sure. And I think we need pay the most and be destination for the best recruiting office in the nation.

It’s simply harder to win at Arkansas than other places in modern era. Why?

Simple. Access to talent.,

The day the AD throws as much money at this to be the best recruiting office in US, is the day that things start to move towards Arkansas relevance nationally.

It can be done at Arkansas.

But not if we aren’t asking hard questions and solving for any coach we have

What major head coach worth their salt do we thing we can get until we are paying tops and more for best recruiting strategies nationally.

Yes, we might luck into it or pound our chests we we are doing as much as others in SEC. (I believe we are doing as much as others in SEC).

But what is AD plan when we aren’t doing enough?

Brian Kelly or most majors won’t look at us first if other openings why?

Simply harder to win at Ark becaue don’t have built in talent.

The day that Arkansas is known for paying the recruiting office the most in college football and possibly much mor is the day that we start solving systemic issues.

You have to win and to appeal to this young generation. The me syndrome is alive in this day and age.

Coach B has done pretty good jod but there a lot of schools that recruit kids they know very well won’t academically qualify normally we don’t. This year M. Brown was last minute being cleared by the NCAA. There are a lot that are signed by schools that end up at JUCO. I’d say it won’t improve until we hit the 9 win total and maintain. Otherwise we will be treading along.
I’d say from what he found on the hill when he arrived until now it’s been a better job than the record would indicate.
If he can put a good defense on the field we will get headed in a positive direction. It starts and ends with defense.

Funny. Everyone all ways says we can win big here sO when have we won big?
The rest was ok.
Yes we won the watered down west with Nutt and hot spanked in the championship game.
Ford. Yep spanked again
Petrini who most of u would have his baby didn’t even win the west.
There are only so many teams that can do it and sorry to say it is not us no matter what coach unless u want to pay players

We can win the west every now and then with a big senior class but not with inexperienced young kids.

Talk about MSU being so good what have they won ? Nothing

M. Brown is a prime example of why Arkansas can’t afford to recruit borderline players (Byers who went to Missouri). Though some of the recruits will need to be redshirted, a kid with Brown’s talent was needed on campus to go through fall practice. Instead, he was having to go through NCAA clearinghouse.
As for throwing $4M for a recruiting director, I’m not sure how throwing money at the recruiting position/office is going to help. First of all, it’s easy to think money solves problems. But money for the recruiting office doesn’t solve issues such as a small state that produces few D-1 players or Saturday flights into NWA. I’m not saying money can’t help, but stereotypes of backwoods Arkansas hillbillies are hard to overcome. Getting people on campus may change that perspective, but not sure more money for the recruiting office is the answer.

I read here where the next coach should be the next Nick Saban. Who is that?

I read here where the next coach should be the next Nick Saban. Who is that?
[/quote]I’ll let you know after Alabama hires him (following Saban’s resignation).

Great question.

I’m not so sure we don’t have the next Saban in Coach B right now.

I’m not serious about paying recruiting office head coach money.

Just wondering how we try to overcome more systemic issues.

We know recruiting is a program’s life blood.

Personally I’ve been impressed with how hard coach B and staff work on this area.

But as we struggle through most of our SEC years against schools with more readily available talent, I can’t help but wonder if there is not more that can be done there somehow.

It may require putting more resources and innovation there than most other power schools ever thought or needed.

I agree with you on CBB.
If you swapped CBB with Saban what would their records be?

Saban was average at MSU , pretty good at LSU and great at Ala.

Other than WR & TE coach who else is consistently competing with other Power 5 schools and winning those recruiting battles for out of state Recruits.

At one point the former O-Line coach Sam Pittman was considered the best recruiter on campus.

Now imagine the addition of George McDonald, Chris Ash & Charlie Partridge…

My questions would be, and I don’t know the answer to them:

Is there anything we can legally do in the area of recruiting that we’re not doing now?

If not, would more money permit us to do them?

If we’re doing everything we can legally do, would more money allow us to do them better?

If the answers are, yes, we’re doing everything we can, and no, more money wouldn’t help us do them better, then I see no point in throwing money at the problem just to throw money.

Paying the recruiting director $4 million would be just throwing money at it without making any difference. The RD can’t go out and see recruits, etc., etc.

Great question
Here’s one thing where we are woefully lacking IMO

Did anyone see our hype video for FAMU? Complete snoozer. Our social media/digital team is FCS level.

I think most in the industry would agree that Clemson is in a class by themselves in this arena. Their twitter feed, social media team was way ahead the past few years and I have very little doubt that it has helped in their recruiting.

Just for funsies, I looked up the recruiting budgets for all 14 SEC schools, which have to be reported to the feds annually. As in most things, we’re midpack in the SEC. However, these numbers are for all men’s sports, not just football, and include the 2014-15 academic year.

#1 – Georgia, $1.8 million
#2 – Bama, $1.68 million
#3 – Auburn, $1.65 million.
#4 – Tennessee, $1.55 million
#5 – Kentucky, $1.49 million
#6 – LSU, $1.27 million
#7 – Florida, $1.24 million
#8 – Arkansas, $1.17 million
#9 – TAM, $990,000
#10 – Misery, $879,000
#11 – Vandy, $845,000
#12 – SoCar, $806,000
#13 – Old Mrs., $767,000
#14 – Moo U, $723,000

The latest recruiting expense figure we reported to the feds, which I think was for the 2016-17 academic year, was $1.55 million.

That Kentucky number is surprising. Calipari must have a whole squad of bag men working.

Kentucky, like us, doesn’t have a whole lot of in-state talent in football. Unlike us, they don’t have a lot of in-state talent in basketball either, or at least not enough to focus their recruiting on. The 2018 Jellycats have one in-state kid who is a transfer from a smaller school (read: there to keep their APR numbers up). Pitino isn’t much better at Hooker U; he has three scholarship kids from Kentucky.

Winning will help recruiting. It’s a chicken or the egg situation. When you win, recruiting improves. I do think putting more focus in Texas recruiting is a good idea. I see quite a few Texas recruits in the next class. I like that.

Jeff, do those numbers for Ole miss include the cash payments to the recruits, or moo U’s strip club contributions? :wink:

Those are off the books