What if the top of the goal post was rounded like the cross bar?

Cam’s kick hit the back of the goal post top and bounced up and back toward the field. If the top was rounded like the cross bar it would have bounced over the goal. Do balls going over the centerline of the goal post vertical arm count as a hit or a miss?

Paul Finebaum just said that if that game was on either campus the goal posts are not as tall (pro vs college I guess) and maybe it could have been called good, judgement call by the ref if it was inside the upright or not. Haven’t heard that one before.

@Mikeindallas, I was thinking the same thing - new to me, but I was wondering if he would have hit it 2mph harder instead of popping it up more if it would have sailed less…or hit it taller and it goes over the top. Then we rely on an official to make a call, which is maybe worse than a doink.

and that call, in itself, decides who wins the game. Decades later the loser will still be talking about officials being paid to make that call.


Actually, both the NFL and NCAA rulebooks now specify 30 feet uprights. That wasn’t always the case.

The NFL changed the height of its uprights to 35 feet in 2014 after a judgement call on a kick in a Ravens-Patriots game. From everything I’ve read, I think they are still 35 feet, which is taller than the NCAA requirements.

OK I had found a rulebook link which must have dated from prior to 2014. It said 30 feet. But I see 35 feet here:

What if KJ hadn’t decided to jump from the 3 yard line? The goalposts would not be an issue.

My point is we never should have had to kick that field goal to win. Our kicker is a stud. He will win us some games this year.

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