What if the Hogs went Independent in Football....

I posted this in another thread but it got lost in the shuffle so I decided to start another thread… just for discussion since its a very slow time of year…I know this is not going to happen so save your breath…this is just for discussion about what type of schedule you’d like to see the Hog’s play if they went independent.

Hog Independent Schedule (my sample):
Memphis (always)
South Carolina (always)
Ole Miss or MS State (rotate)
Texas or A&M (rotate)
Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Baylor or TCU
Nebraska, Iowa, or Kansas State
Houston, Rice, or SMU
Tulsa (always)
Southern Miss (always)
Georgia Tech or UAB
Vandy or Tennessee
LSU (every year)

Always keep teams on the schedule from Texas, GA, MS, TN, LA and OK. That schedule has 6 potential ranked teams on it most years. If you ran that schedule then you would be in the CFP most years. No Bama, Auburn, Georgia or schools from Florida unless it’s UCF or South Florida. I don’t think it would help recruiting to venture north or west.

Never going to happen. Be a complete joke. Recruiting would horrible. ASU would be better than us. I can’t believe you suggested this. SEC would not allow it!

The loss of SEC Revenue would soon cause us to be a nobody, no way could we survive without the SEC money and publicity.

My goodness some people cannot read…I know it’s not going to happen…good grief

I think mostof us recognized your statement but have to wonder, why bother with the post at all.

Because we suck at football and there really isn’t much to talk about other than make believe stuff at this point. How many times can you discuss who is going to be QB or I wonder who the starting Oline will be?

I agree we do not have a lot to talk about this last season, in fact, because we were so bad the bowl games seem uninteresting to me. All hundred of them.

in putting together this notional schedule.

  1. Teams are in our primary recruiting footprint.
  2. Teams have name recognition (perhaps leading to more fans actually showing up at the stadium).
  3. Overall SOS would be good; not quite the gauntlet we have now, nor too many “cupcakes.” (After this season, I use that term cautiously.)
  4. Biggest nit: not sure the benefit of playing USC-east every year. We DO have a little history with them, and they were usually a “barometer team” for our season. Just not sure we recruit SC very much.

If we’re willing to overlook recruiting footprint for one game/season … might I suggest Cal? That’d be only a 3-hour drive for me! :smiley:

I’m up for Cal as its about an hour drive for me. It was great several years back when the Hog baseball team played a 3 game series there. That was a fun weekend

Scheduling is really hard for independents, which is part of the reason Notre Dame agreed to play so many ACC teams every year. A team really needs those games built in.

I second that. Before Notre Dame became affiliated with ACC, they were playing a couple of service academies every year.

They still play Navy every year. The hardest thing for independents is trying to schedule games when other teams are in the midst of their conference schedules.

You would be giving up any chance at a national championship. Zero. You think we have no chance in a division with Alabama? Infinitely greater than it would be as an independent. There is one school that can get away with being an independent, and Clemson kicked their butt Saturday night. And even at that they needed to semi-join the ACC for scheduling reasons.

Plus it would be perceived (correctly) as the all-time wimp move. We couldn’t cut it in the SEC so we bailed out. Talk about destroying recruiting. Your administration doesn’t think you can even compete. We would also be giving up millions in SEC revenue that we can’t replace, and giving up all our TV exposure. Who would show our home games? No one.

I tried but knew it would happen. I know it won’t happen, I know it would cost millions, I know it would kill recruiting, etc. It was just a thread to have a little fun talking about who you’d like to play if the Hogs were not in the SEC and loving life as an independent. Please forgive me.

I’ll play arlington…

Ole Miss
Okie lite
UCA - just to PO the Redwolves
Louisiana Monroe
Add yearly cupcake here

There you go!

Thanks LD…I forgot about ULM…that is a great addition…I like that selection better than my Southern Miss pick…I added Southern Miss thinking about KJ Jefferson starting a MS pipeline…I didn’t really think anyone would want Missouri since they have had our number the past few match ups…

Life as an independent would soon result in the end of Division I sports at the UofA. I just don’t know how it could be funded. As it is now, 2.5 million a year goes to the school’s budget outside of athletics. That would disappear.

Ok, as to your schedule, it would be difficult to find many teams who would play home and home. Maybe you’d get a few.

It’s all a scary thought.

PS I think it’s worth the discussion to realize the importance of the SEC revenue.

Coach Broyles did so much for the Razorback brand over the years. Moving us into the SEC has to top the list. Brilliant move on his part.