What if SEC coaches were working normal jobs


I recognized 11 of the 16 and don’t care enough to figure out who the other 5 are… :rofl:

That is pretty funny

Ole Houston Dale would have been right in there with Nicky

I literally laughed out loud at Mark Stoops

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I slightly disagree with Lane as a pharmaceutical salesman. He’s got a kind of AM Radio Ad Salesman look to me (Think Herb from WKRP in Cincinnati).

Three more than I know.

And I wouldn’t have known Josh Heupel if I hadn’t seen him interviewed last Saturday on SEC Network.

Clark Lea - Mr. Clean Distributor

Mike Leach - three jobs at the same time. Eye patch salesman, black market parrot vendor and dark comedy screenwriter.

Sam - hair pomade manufacturer

The rest seem OK to me. Maybe Drinkwitz as a smiling proctologist.

I did not argue with many of the labels. Jimbo looks like a male nurse at the place I get my colon scopes. Sorry. He just does.

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