What if Mike is fastest way to turn it around?

As has been noted, from some transfers to injuries he has had some bad breaks coming into this season in addition to the youth.

The youth I give him less or pass on as classes were imbalanced.

But what if we could add some immediate talent to this class and turn it around.

I don’t know if a top class possible or not.

But if so I wonder if this season just chalked up to aberration.

If a change is to be made it seems we have to get it right with an eye towards jimmy and joes immediately.

I agree with you Bush on the youth that’s not an excuse, you can win young, it’s the missing key pieces that were suppose to be on the roster and injuries that I think doomed this season. That Perry flip hurt beyond belief. Perry is a stud, him alone on this roster would have got us 4-5 more wins IMO, he’s the missing piece.

As far as what you’re saying about Anderson being the best to turn this around… I agree. This situation reminds me of 15-16, where guys showed heart at the beginning of the season but eventually ran out of gas and CMA and the guys built on that and added with JUCOs and we won 26 games the next season and SHOULD HAVE advanced to the sweet 16, refs took that chance away from us, I don’t hold that against CMA.

I hope the administration considers that. Because I really don’t want to go through another rebuild, I don’t think I can take it. I think with what he’s done the past 2 years and getting this program back in the right direction he’s earned one more year. Let him get this roster fixed, he can fix the imbalance this off-season with some JUCOs and possibly grad transfer. I think once that’s in place we’ll be smooth sailing from that point on out. We have good young talent on roster now, with some good in-state classes coming up with some good players.

I also think perry was worth four or five more wins at the least and if you add Hall and Perry with Jones and Gifford and Joe you’re looking at a top 15 team

With Perry you don’t loose any non conference games. You also beat Florida, Miss ST, Missouri, LSU at home, and Texas A&M. The hogs would be about a 7 seed.
There’s no quick fix. Bring in a solid class. Add 3 or 4 more in addition to Justice Hill.
The hogs needs 3 big men that can bang down low. It would be nice to have another shooter than can take it to the hole and create his own shot.
It all depends on how many transfer after this season is over.