What if Jacorey Williams did not get into extra trouble..............

…with a bouncer and did not get kicked off our team. He would have gone through a recovery year just like Anton, but this year, a power forward who is athletic, can score, and rebound would have made a huge difference on this team. You can what if Monk had chosen us, what if Kevaughn chose us, etc. but we had Jacorey on campus and he just screwed up one too many times and MA had to let him go. Where would we be right now, if that had not happened.> He is the MVP at Middle Tennessee this year. leading them into the NCAA.

I’m not sure, but I don’t think the legal issues are considered a redshirt eligible. He wouldn’t be here this year. He would have had to play a half a year last year. I like what he has done this year, but really Middle TN ST’s SOS was 128, ours was 57 (and people complained it was weak). Big difference in competition.


That extra year of practice let him work on his shoe-tossing form.

In all seriousness the redshirt year and the change of scenery was the best thing that ever happened to the kid.

Jacorey Williams was an average player here and would’ve still been an average player. When I think of Jacorey Williams I think of the time he took his shoe off on the sideline and tried to throw it to his teammate to put on, so what does that tell you…

Response: no j Williams had turned the corner he was legit wherever conference he played.i remember hearing Portia and qualls telling Bell the senior this is your team now don’t let coach and the rest of the team down. Everyone stepped up their game, bell was s more consistent shooter, Durham was the pg we wish we still had him today, Hannah was deadly shooter, Williams was the best player on the court on both sides of the ball, and Kingsley don’t forget about him

He was already in trouble for the funny money deal the other sat out their suspension and J Williams got in trouble. Enforce you standards and send him packing. He knew and got in trouble any way. Mike Anderson did the right thing.
But I am glad he’s done well! Oh course what about Babb playing at Iowa State and playing some big minutes! He transferred.
I’m happy with the young men we have and the ones coming in! Forget about the disloyal kids that left the state. Monk I hate to hear his name. Disloyal he showed his true loyalty to his friends on the hogs today. He’s gone. Forget agout them all !