What if - Blackshear to the Hogs - undefeated and top 10?

I have to believe that’s where we’d be. There was interest because of CEM, but FL, with their returnees and top recruiting class sold him. He sure would be our biggest missing piece.

Oh well, I love watching this team and its fearlessness and defensive ferociousness on the court. I just hope my heart can hold up through this season with these cardiac kids.

While Blackshear would have been nice, I think we would be 15-0 if only we had Gabe O. Just a couple more rebounds in those games and we win them.

I don’t know. Sometimes players mess with chemistry. I’ll stick with what coach said. I’ll go with these players in any game. We will only get better. Every player can get better. 4/5 home games remain in January. Let’s win all 5 and be 7-1. Who cares about who we could have had. These guys deserve our full support. Get your tickets for next week. Two really good games. Hopefully we can get close to selling out Vandy.


How is Florida doing this year with that nice recruiting class?

I must agree to disagree with you hear. I really liked components of Gabe’s game last season, and frequently so posted here. However, I also realized his limitations and did not back away from noting those as well.

I won’t say I was “glad” when he left the team…and I think, as a reserve, he’d have a role on this year’s squad. That said, the way this team wins is playing a game that Gabe is disadvantaged at, because he is an offensive liability. Coach is building his program with a purpose, and sacrifices in the short term will get us where we’re going sooner than later; Gabe was a “casualty” of those changes.

I’m very happy for him that he seems to have found a new home on a good team at WVU. But I’m not second-guessing his departure from the U of A.

Wiz I agree with your opinion about Gabe. I’ve watched him play a few times this season and he plays a lot different now. No 3’s and in more control. Sometimes a few doses of humility builds character for teams and makes them hungry. I just hope they improve on the defensive glass.
Bailey is probably the most improved player on the team. And that’s coaching. It’s hard to believe the 5 guard lineup rebounds better than when Bailey or Chaney are in.
The way CEM makes adjustments has been a breathe of fresh air. I hope that as the season goes on he finds the right button to push to get Chaney and Henderson going. Cyllia had another tough game on the offensive end but on defense he helped.
Our hogs are scrappy and won’t ever give up let’s not give up on them.

I had the same thought about Blackshear last night. Florida is defiantly underperforming (top 10 pre season). Tre Mann is a freshman 5 star guard/wing for them. He’s not starting and averaging 5 per game. I watched him play 1 year ago. He’s from Gainesville but transferred to the private school in The Villeges. His mom worked at that school. The night I watched him play he hit a 3 early in the game that made him the Florida HS all time scoring leader. He could shoot for sure but I didn’t see his game warranted a 5 star rating. Of coarse the team they were playing was terrible so it was hard get a feel for his defensive play.

I always thought White coached good D. The game yesterday certainly was not a good D look for the Gators.

If you want a “What if”, try the one that I thought we would get–What if Vanover had been cleared to play this year? There’s your extra rebounding, blocking, and possibly shooter as well. It will definitely be interesting next year of Joe and Jones come back, along with the great recruiting class, and the transfers who are sitting out right now.

We might not be as good with Blackshear. Maybe he doesn’t buy in to Muss’ system, playing defense like he likes. It’s not like Florida is a worldbeater with him either; they got blown out at Misery last night.

Blackshear is the only reason they have a 10-5 record. He’s leading them in scoring (15.1), rebounds (8.4), FT% (83.8%), and 2nd in assists. He’s also shooting 33.3% from 3-point range. He’s probably the prototypical C/PF that Muss would want.

I’ll bet, in hindsight, he wishes he’d picked the Hogs instead of the Gators. However, the SEC season has just started, and the Gators have a 2-1 conf record and still can finish in the top 3-5 in the conference.

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