What if, Austin was playing with a secret injury from get-go..............

…and we almost win out, splitting with LSU and MissState, and get bowl eligible. Nothing about Austin’s alleged injury is an excuse for the offensive line being so weak that a true freshman walk-on was the best option at right guard to start the season, then the overall line play all season proved that to be true, just in case there was any doubt. But that, along with losing Rawleigh, losing Cornelius, losing Pulley (still no excuse for the weak lines) would probably give CBB another year. Say the team rallies behind him, gets a bunch of injured players back, play better in the second half of the season, and finish strong. The recruiting class last year is obviously (except in the line) much better than rated (Warren, Hayden, Curl, Jackson, Barnes, Brown, etc.) and there is a chance that Connor and Bumper can bring in a good group of fellow recruits to continue that trend. They will need a bunch of JC offensive and defensive linemen to come in and play well immediately. If, and I know all of that is a very big if, that happens, the squeeker win against the worst team in the whole SEC last weekend, could be the “coming off of the bottom of the CBB era” and things might finally get right on the hill.

The way that a very weak team’s second string QB ran amok against our defense in the first half last Saturday, makes me fearful of what LSU’s, MissState’s, and Mizzou’s QBs will do so we are not out of the woods yet. We lose to Coastal Carolina and CBB will be fired before midnight. JMVVVVVVVVHO.

If Allen were injured to begin the season, the coaches couldn’t have known about it. He was playing against Florida A&M with us 42-0. If he was even slightly injured, they would have pulled him early, to not only protect him, but to give CK more reps. No, I think he got injured when we all saw it. That he continued to play in that game after the injury happened is the only thing that didn’t make sense to me.

Austin Allen was fully healthy at the start of the season.

If he was playing against Alabama A&M his career is likely over. Not sure who he was playing for, but it wasn’t us. NCAA rules prohibit players from playing for schools they do not attend.

His passing this year has not been as precise as last year. I don’t remember a deep pass that was not under thrown. We all watched Brandon playing hurt through several games, throwing with a damaged shoulder. If Austin had a bruised or slightly separated shoulder (like Brandon) I could see CBB playing him. Maybe Austin’s struggles from the start of the season are not effected by injuries. I know he did not get great protection, receivers struggled to get open, and they probably ran bad routes, but not on every pass. When he did pass without pressure, he did not seem to be the same QB as he was last year.

Yes, it was not Alabama A&M, my mistake. It was Florida A&M.

Chemistry between QB and new receivers is often off. Sam Darnold has struggled mightily at Southern Cal. His numbers are not nearly the same as last year when he was terrific as a true freshman. What’s the difference? He lost his top four receivers and his top two offensive tackles. Austin is going through something similar. He did lose left tackle Dan Skipper and his top three to five receivers, if you count Sprinkle along with Morgan, Hatcher, Hollister and Reed.

I know Tyler Wilson would tell you the difference between his junior and senior season was more than coaching. He lost most of his top receivers.

If you think back, Brandon played against Alabama the year Tyler Wilson got hurt. He was getting smacked around quite a bit. The next year (under Bret) he was doing the same thing Austin was this year. It took Enos coming in and an actual decent line, plus experience at the skill positions to get over it.

Now, and this has been said on here several times, AA got beat up by Bama last year and wasn’t really the same after that (same as his brother, my opinion is they really weren’t hit in HS like they’re being hit now). When you look at that, plus the weak line, and the inexperience of the skill positions it adds up to a “bad QB performance.”

This is also why I’ve been advocating for Bret to stay. Cole is an inexperienced QB, he’s learning how to play by getting actual game experience. Our inexperienced skill guys, have been learning and getting experience (see my statement about TCU vs AUB), our OL is getting experience (going to a bowl may help more than anything else, because of the extra reps they’ll get). We have young guys on the defense (Curl) who has had to step in and play. They’re getting experience as well. Plus several of these injured guys are returning. So, not only next year will we have young guys with valuable experience, but we will have upperclassman with talent returning. When you look at the schedule, it’s actually one of the weakest (on paper) in a decade. Changing that now, and starting over could backfire and cost us a season of weak teams.

On the flip side, if Bret stays and loses with an experienced team, and weak schedule, we’ll we know we made a HUGE MISTAKE by letting him stay. I’m willing to take the chance. Some others on here are as well, and some aren’t and have already said they’d prefer to tank next season and start over.

I still would like to know why chemistry is not developed in the off season when these QBs and receivers are playing catch every day, running routes. Do they not practice with corners and safeties bumping them and throwing them off routes in the off season?

I guess it’s hard for me to believe that there were plenty of write-ups about the extensive work these guys put in over the summer only to have them act in the early season like they did not know each other and had just met. Howcome?

Hard to throw accurate passes, especially deep passes, when you are laying on your back. :frowning:

Its different when you don’t have a 300 lb d-lineman trying to take your head off.

I agree with Clay. I believe the reasons Austin didn’t look good this year are our tackles wee just getting whipped play after play, no matter the pass pro called; and our receiving core was GREEN. Which means not recognizing coverages and running the routes in the way Austin anticipated. Which causes hesitation. And throws that look off…but that are actually where Austin meant to throw it…but the receiver is somewhere else.

Lack of a running game didn’t help either.

I will go out on a limb and say this: if the o-line can protect him, I think Austin will look much more like his old self when he returns, because the receiving core has developed nicely.

I have hope after watching improved pass protection against OM which has a solid pass rush in the SEC.

I hope you are right, but there were some underthrown deep passes that just looked weak and his arm seemed much stronger last year. He wasn’t getting hit as he threw. He just couldn’t get it far enough and the receiver was open.