What if Auburn loses next week with an injured K. Johnson?

Would a three loss team get into the playoff? Would Alabama or GA get into the playoff? Are they going to only take one SEC team? Maybe Gus could still be in play, but heck, he has built a good team on both sides of the ball.

The SECCG winner is in. The loser is out. The wild card question is will Bama remain in the top 4 after it all shakes out.

Man, this could get crazy. What if:

  • Miami beats Clemson

  • TCU beats Mobilehoma

  • Ohio State beats Wisconsin

Or any combination of the above. You could wind up with Aub/Ga, Bama, Miami and Notre Dame. (Yuck).

The one thing we don’t have to worry about is a Pac-12 team in the CFP. They eliminated themselves nicely.

Gameday, actually had that discussion this morning. All of them said in that scenario it would be GA/AUB winner, Miami, Ohio State, and Clemson. Bama loses today and they’re out. I don’t understand that, but it is what they said.

I think the SECCG winner is in along with Alabama.

I think Bama will be left out if Wisconsin beats Ohio State. What good wins does Bama have- Miss State and LSU. Other teams have better wins.

If Wisky beats tOSU, I agree with you, but what if tOSU wins?