What I Want in a Coach

Of course, besides the ability to coach, hire assistants, etc, is someone who understands what The Razorbacks mean to the state, and what the Hog on the helmet means. They do not have to have total Arkansas ties, but at least something. I will say those things made Nutt a better coach than he really was. Arkansas is the only place he did anything.

The coach must understand that they have to recruit well and deep in Texas and have the ability to do so. I agree with the coach who talked a few weeks ago about winning with kids from Texarkanna to Houston (Pinney woods if you will). There are plenty there. If he can get 5 or so from there, and a few from OK, LA, MO and perhaps Memphis plus AR, you should have solid classes.

The Razorbacks mean so much to the state (perhaps I should say meant after this year). I travel the country and have for more years than there is dirt. The only other place I see that is NE. This must be understood and nourished.

It hurts me so much to see where we are now.

Jim always appreciate your no BS observations about the football program. You call em like you seem em with no agenda other than wanting to see solid coaching and competitive teams.

I saw a few highlights of CSU & Wyoming in a snow storm. Looked fun - was the fame in Fort Collins or Laramie?

Thanks - that was in beautiful Laramie, WY. They call that The Border War.
Only 60 or so miles apart on hwy 287. Both Laramie and Fort Collins were getting snow this AM.

I want a young up and comer. One who loves to recruit Texas. I want someone who is not married to one offensive philosophy but is willing to change depending on the talent of the kids. I feel an even balance of run vs pass is a must.

I want a coach who comes to work in the mornings paranoid that he has not done enough to satisfy the fans and his boss, the Athletic Director. I prefer he not have a buy out until he has proven himself, but I understand you probably can’t sign
anyone without it. Let the specialists in this field put together a contract that is fare for both parties.

I am tired of these guys taking the job, promising us a championship then leaving with their tails tucked firmly between their legs. They fleece us and then they leave with a golden parachute buy-out. Shame!

No more coaches that think you can recruit Florida

A guy that has some knowledge of Arkansas

A guy that wants to play in Little Rock

A fantastic staff

Great evaluators

Basketball on grass and a better than average defense

He or staff has plenty of SEC connections

Recruit La and East Texas


And I’m also as old as dirt and have traveled the USA for the past 34 years. Jim is correct about the fan base. NE fans are the only base as unified state wide as ours.

Little Rock games are about to go away. The state runs war memorial stadium now for a reason.

Spread offenses don’t usually play defense. See bedlam yesterday

Alex Collins and Denver Kirkland both Florida recruits. Have several on team now. Not sure you give that up.

A change in staff mean lunney and smith are probably elsewhere.

It is going to take major money to buy this staff out as well as buy out the new coach unless you hire Les miles or a real unproven coach.

What you are looking for needs another year for this young squad to mature

Can’t make this choice based on emotion. Saban had no ties to Bama, how has that worked out? IMO, gotta look at what is successful in the SEC and find that person. Need to have an above average defense. If anything Georgia, Auburn, Bama, and to a certain extent USC has shown us that. Have to play defense in the SEC. A&M still has not figured that out. A dual threat QB would be great. My tailor made guy would be Gary Patterson or someone like him. Then you’ll be cooking…

The coach has to be great at two things. Not good, great. He has to be a great recruiter, and atleast great in either an offensive or defensive area of the ball.

You can not get another CEO, who is not great at any one thing.

Recruiting is the most important, a head coach that can connect with players and get them there, can hire the coaches to get the to play well. Even better if he can also do so.

Saban is successful because he is the best recruiter in the country, we need to get a top notch recruiter. I know we won’t ever recruit like bama, but we can certainly do better than we are.

Alabama is the best recruiter in football Saban helps and does a great job of coaching and hiring assts. WPS

It is now, when Saban took over, they weren’t doing too hot.

Saban is a great coach, but he’s also a great recruiter.

You bring up a good point, they also have to be able to hire good assistants, that’s one of the things that Bret has done very poorly at. That can make or break a coach.

Good coaches get fired, I think Bret is a good coach, just not in the right situation here.